The Marvelous Mrs Maisel: Rachel Brosnahan Reveals The Secret About Midge.

Even though Midge suffers a lot in all the 3 seasons of β€˜The Marvelous Mrs Maisel’ Rachel Brosnahan thinks she has a secret power rolled up in her sleeves. In a recent interview Racheal claims that Midge might be suffering a lot in the seasons but there’s something that audience doesn’t know about her. Check out everything you need to know about it.


The Marvelous Mrs Maisel is one of the most famous and watched Amazon Prime series. The 3 seasons have made a special place in viewers heart. As it enables the fans to go through a roller coaster ride of emotions and yet manage to entertain at the same time. However, considering the fact of how well the show is already doing viewers aren’t shocked about its renewal.



The Emmy winning star Racheal Brosnahan plays a 1950s housewive that struggles in her day to day life. Midge lives in New York with her husband and isn’t really doing well in her life. Her husband cheats on her several time after which Midge decides to leave him and focus on her life and career.


She divorced her husband and takes all the opportunity to fulfil her dreams. Midge wants to be a stand up comedian and she does everything to fulfil it. And that is what Racheal meant for the secret power when she was talking about Midge in the interview. She says that Midge might be the kind and sweet housewife but she is a really strong women.

The Secret Superpower

She reveals that Midge although had never done stand up but she really knows what she is doing. When she does something she gives it her all and that is what makes her different from others. And that is one reason why fans love her so much and she connects with the audience really well.

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She was then asked about what are things that she loves the most about Midge. To Β which she responds that it is her confidence and her will to succeed in life. She is a kickass women who knows what she is doing even when the odds are not even in her favour. She is smart, beautiful, bold and intelligent said, Racheal. And I am sure fans would agree with this.


Amazon Prime has streamed 3 seasons of the show until now. And all the 3 seasons have got immense fame and love from people all around the world. And fans can’t wait for the fourth season to stream soon. The things that excite fans the most at the moment is if Midge will get back with her former husband and what she will wear in the 4th season. Midge gives us some fashion inspiration that helps for sure. Can you also not resist waiting for the next season to stream.


Stay tuned with us for more such details about your favourite TV show. What do you think of Midge’s secret weapon to succeed in life?

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