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The Michelle Obama Podcast : Former First Lady Gives Sneak Peek Into Her Early Days Of Love With Barack Obama !

Obama and Michelle
Source: CNBC

How Was The First Meeting Between Michelle Obama’s Family And Barack Obama

Michelle and Barack have won the heart of all Americans with the kind of relationship they share with each other. The way they are with each other give people a couple of goals than any other celebrity couple. Obama always has the sweetest thing to say about his wife, and Michelle also has a lot of respect for her husband. In her latest episode of The Michelle Obama Podcast, she brought her brother. He revealed the first time he met Barack. He revealed, β€œYou drove up in your nice black Saab, and you were driving of course, and he gets out of the passenger side, and I remember the first thing mom said, Oooh he’s tall, he’s kinda good lookin’.”

Michelle Was Good With Her Dating Choices, Reveals Michelle Obama’s Brother Robinson

Michelle’s brother revealed that he mostly liked the guys she dated, and hardly two or three guys did not vibe with him. Moreover, he revealed that Michelle was good at choosing guys, and that was his least concern. He said, β€œThere may have been one or two guys you dated that I absolutely did not like. But for the most part, your decisions on who to date were solid.

Brother Robinson Reveals Michelle Obama Was Into Short Term Dating

Robinson spilled many secrets about Michelle and her dating life. He revealed that Michelle was someone who used to be with a guy for a short period. However, everything changed in her life when Barack came, and she did not have to look for another guy ever. Robinson said, β€œYou know, just being able to, judge people, and develop your own relationships, and be able to navigate that, at a young age, and you were usually a pretty short term dating, eh, lemme date this guy for a month, nah, and then lo and behold you meet, uh, Barack Obama.”

Michelle and Obama
Source: The Guardian

Barack Obama And Michelle Obama

Barack and Michelle dated for a while before they decided to tie the knot in 1992. After their marriage, Obama rose through the hierarchy of the Democratic Party to win the Presidential election in 2009. He got re-elected in the next election after which his presidency came to an end. Obama has always emphasized on the importance and impact of Michelle in his life and presidency. The two share two children- Malia and Sasha.

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