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The Most Anticipated Rom-Coms of 2021

jennifer lopez

If love isn’t in the breeze, it’s undoubtedly on our phones. Come 2021. We will be introduced to a fresh lineup of romantic comediesβ€”including one starring Jennifer Lopez. After playing a maid at the rom-com Maid in Manhattan and a wedding planner, in, yeah. The Wedding Planner, Lopez will have a career that mimics her own in Marry Me, out in May. She’s going to play a pop star who takes a bet on love with a stranger who’s pulled out of a concert crowd.

Marry Me’s risky idea for a meeting-cute is just the beginning of romantic comedies that we’re looking forward to in 2021.

The Most Anticipated Rom-Coms of 2021 Star J. Lo, Diane Keaton, and More

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Over on Netflix, two teen trilogiesβ€”All the Boys I Loved Before and The Kissing Boothβ€”will come to their end. Other rom-coms in 2021 will include sessions, journeys to coastal Irish cities, and 15-year high school meets. In the meantime, fulfil your appetite for happy endings by enjoying some of 2021’s most awaited romance novels.

Marry Me sold us on the casting alone the true-life music icons of J. Lo and Maluma are playing pop stars in a crumbling friendship. After Kat (jennifer lopez) discovers that Bastian (Maluma) cheats on her right before they tie the knot, she agrees to marry a stranger in the crowd (Owen Wilson).

French Dispatch is pretty much the most modern rom-com of 2021. The idiosyncratic style of Director Wes Anderson can be identified from the first picture. What are Anderson and his peculiar eye going to do with a European newspaper store and a very exclusive edition?
It was Sweet Home Alabama first. Stars Dropped in Alabama, another rom-com set in the Southern state (though it was filmed in North Carolina). In the movie, a Hollywood agent (James Maslow) is hiring an actress (Ciara Hanna) to date his 15-year high school meeting.

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