The Most Scandalous Netflix Projects

The Most Scandalous Netflix Projects

Netflix is known as a content platform that allows watching movies and TV-shows, having an active subscription. However, it’s also a video production company that releases a lot of projects. Even though the majority of them are successful, they produced some controversial films and shows. Down below, you will find a list of the most scandalous Netflix projects.Β 

The First Temptation of Christ

It is a dark comedy from Netflix that was made in Brazil. The movie rethinks the story about Christ’s temptation in a very vulgar manner.Β 


For instance, Christ was portrayed as a gay who wants to do nothing but rest. Also, the film implies a lot of jokes about the bible and its misconceptions. Mary was portrayed as an avid weed-smoker.


This controversy led to public disappointment. People created a petition to remove the movie from the site. Two million people signed the petition.

Stranger Things

This TV-show became very popular after the release. The show tells the story of kids who meet a girl with supernatural power and have to deal with a parallel world. Even though the show’s target audience is children, there are a lot of smoking scenes that influence young viewers.Β 

The Goop Lab With Gwyneth Paltrow

This project isn’t released yet. However, it has already become scandalous. For starters, the project has a defiant poster which is resembling a vulva. Some people don’t like ‘The Goop Lab’ as it promotes pseudoscience, which doesn’t have proven effectiveness.


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13 Reasons Why

This show tells the story of an adolescent girl who committed suicide. However, she left 13 tapes for different people who prompted her decision to kill herself. One of the episodes had a 3-minute graphic suicide scene that should be avoided in teen films. Later, the scene was removed from the show.

The Witcher

This first season of this show is as popular as controversial. Viewers are confused by time jumps in the plot. However, it’s not the foremost reason why it collected a lot of claims.


The show tells the story of a professional hunter who kills mystery creatures in medieval Europe. However, the diversity of nations messed up the atmosphere of old Europe and its most popular myths.


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This show represents the life of a teenage boy with the autism spectrum and his romantic journey.Β 


However, the main character doesn’t have Autism behind the scenes. This fact caused a lot of criticism as neither the producer nor the actor doesn’t suffer from this disorder and doesn’t know how to show it correctly.Β 


The autistic community also claimed that the show portrays people with this disorder as cruel and violent monsters.Β 


The lead character of the show suffered from being overweight. However, she used the jaw wired shut technique to lose 80 pounds fast and get revenge on those who bullied the character, calling her “Fatty Patty.”


The show has made a lot of people angry because of promoting body-shaming. Even more, people created a petition to stop the show. However, season two is about to be released soon.Β 

Bird Box

It’s one of the most scandalous shows. According to the plot, there is a mysterious power that kills people who see it. Thereupon, a woman had to blindfold herself and her kids and go far away to hide from the chasing evil.


Bird Box motivated a lot of people to start doing everyday things like driving or cooking blindfolded. It caused a lot of accidents with injuries. However, most of all, viewers become angry because of the real accident footage with a train in 2013 used in the film.Β 


In respect of the 47 real-life deaths, Netflix agreed to re-edit the film and remove this scene.Β 


This show is one of the most recently released. The plot shows an 11 years old girl who wants to break all the rules and traditions, being an immigrant from Senegal.


The pre-adolescent girl acts provocatively and starts to incorporate sexually enticing moves into dancing performances. People criticized ‘Cuties’ for sexualizing young girls and forcing pedophilia in society.Β Β 

Final Shot

Netflix is a fast-growing platform that hosts and produces a lot of films and TV-shows. Unfortunately, not all projects become perfect for all viewers. However, the platform pays attention to users’ feedback and re-edit some episodes and films to satisfy their viewers.



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