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The Nintendo Switch Emulator YUZU Making Excellent Progress Lately

The Nintendo Switch Emulator YUZU
The Nintendo Switch Emulator YUZU

The YUZU is the most recent of Nintendo Switch Emulator. The free and open-source emulator was launched on January 14, 2018. From the creators of CITRA,Β the YUZU is built with C++ portability in mind. Yuzu’s build is made actively for operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Ever since its introduction to PC, the YUZU has made significant progress. If you are a fan of retro games, then YUZU is definitely for you. And it looks like the emulator’s update has been launched with newer upgrades. Let us take a closer look at them

YUZU’s New UpdateΒ 

The Nintendo Switch Emulator YUZU
The Nintendo Switch Emulator YUZU

The new update for the Nintendo Switch emulator was launched with several performance upgrades. The code has been modified. And the modified will now take up half of your RAM than before.Β  This is one of the key features of the new update. YUZU has been allowing PC gamers to enjoy their favorite games on the console.

For this new update, the creators have completely rewritten YUZU’s VMM (Virtual Management System) Now what exactly is the VMM?

The VMM is the software component of the emulator which allocates maps and frees the memory used by the Switch games. Now, this is the portion of the emulator that can free up your memory space as and when you need it. The previous YUZU was simplified when it came to the VMM.

With the newly written VMM, we can now accurately implement the Switch’s memory layout. This means that you can now expect the games to use 2GB to 4GB of RAM on average instead of using double than that.

In addition to the VMM, the new version has also made several new improvements to the emulator such as:

  • The OpenGL rendering bug has been solved after some intensive debugging
  • Anisotropic filtering has been added to improve the games graphical performance
  • There have been huge improvements made to the audio rendering quality of the emulator as well.

Check out the YUZU updates in the video:Β https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATBblYNi6HU

Please Note: Please update or install the latest version of Visual C++ 2019 redistributable, or else you won’t be able to open yuzu, as it will complain that the library couldn’t be found. You can download the latest version here:





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