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The OA Season 3: Check Out The Release Date, Cast, Plot And Every Last Update In This Article!

The OA Season 3

A lot of weird things have been happening around us lately. First, the Corona scare, then the random explosion of volcanic mountains in Indonesia. Do you want to get your hands on something weirder? Try TheΒ OA Season 3. It might leave your brain cells working to their full extent.

A Netflix Masterpiece

The OA is originally a Netflix production. It has a smooth plotline yet intriguing. There’s this woman named Prairie Johnson. She used to be blind when one day, she disappears. No, that’s not the end, that’s just the beginning.

The Oa Season 3
The image is covering a mysterious plot from the previous seasons of Netflix’s The OA.

The OA Season 3: Plotlines

The show with two parts uncovers a lot. The first part just hovered over Prairie who is now no more blind and calls herself The OA. She went somewhere or to something, and then return after seven years just does not make sense.

Similarly, in the second season, she travels to a completely different dimension leaving everything behind. Prairie arrives in San Francisco. Meanwhile, her five companions back here are about to face some things on their own too. We were left on a cliffhanger!

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The OA Season 3: Updates And Release Date

This is considerable controversy. Some things need to be kept in mind first- the original plan by the directors was to create a total of 5 seasons. I am pretty sure they still have a lot of content on them, but they cancelled any further seasons after the second one.

The OA Season 3
The most expected plot with the angel in The OA Season 3.

A lot of fans are still disappointed and just cannot accept the fact. A person went as far as maintaining a hunger strike so that the show plans a season 3. On the other hand, another group of fans raised money so that they can fund the show!

The production still did not budge, and we have no idea what is to happen next. Most probably The OA will come to a half. We will never get an answer to our thousands of questions. However, we must keep our hope up, just in case.

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