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The Obama Kids Are Done With Family Time After Many Months, Reveals Michelle Obama !

Michelle Obama
Source: Twitter

Michelle Obama Paints  A Picture Of The Start Of Lockdown With Family

Michelle Obama recently made a virtual appearance on Conan O’Brien’s show. She revealed that her family was excited when the lockdown began as it gave a much-needed family time. She said:

“We were being all organized and we would spend the days apart doing our respective work — the girls were still in classes in the spring — and so we would be working and then doing a little exercise, and then come together in the evenings. And we would have these activities — we would have cocktails, and then we would work puzzles, and play games.”

Michelle Obama
Source: Twitter

Michelle Obama And Her Family Had An Art Exhibit During Lockdown

Michelle revealed that they tried to keep their lockdown interesting by doing an art exhibit. However, it was not a professional one where outsiders came for a look. It was a family exhibit where the four made paintings and showed it to each other. She said:

“Barack taught the girls how to play spades,” Michelle said. “We actually had some organized things — like we had an art exhibit day, where we all went off and did like watercolour paintings, and then we showed it.”

Michelle Jokes Her Kids Are Now Done With Spending Family Time

Michelle Obama feels since the lockdown has extended to months, her kids are probably bored with the family time and want to go back to the way it was. She said:

“I think first our kids got a little sick of us … which was fine, ’cause we were pretty much sick of them. And so the summer started happening, and then we could be outside a little bit more, and we came to the vineyard, where we still are, and so there’s more room to roam around … that was good, ’cause it helped us break it up. And now the kids are back in Zoom land with classes. They’re doing it remotely. And they’re no longer thrilled about being with us.”

Michelle Obama
Source: YouTube

Michelle Obama Ends Her Podcast

Michelle was running a podcast where she discussed many things from racism to her time in the White House. However, she finally decided to end the podcast for now.

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