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The PlayStation 5 And The Xbox Series X Are Expected To Launch Around November Time, Despite Troubles Caused By Coronavirus Lockdowns!

Xbox Series X and playStation 5 Source: YouTube

No More Delays Due To Coronavirus

How many delays and cancellations have we faced? I have no idea, I cannot even count them on my fingers. The pandemic influenced cancellations are a trend right now for movies, series, games, etc.

The only good news at the moment is that PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will not be delayed. Gamers are going wild, they were waiting for this for quite some time.Sony PlayStation 5 release date, price and games: All the ...

PlayStation 5 And The Xbox Series X: Not Likely To Be Delayed

Jefferies Group, the business insider, bring us this information. Good news and bad news cancel each other out. The delay can happen because the accessories which are made in China is lagging behind. However, it isn’t likely that it will cause a huge inconvenience.

On the other hand, a previous announcement made officially said a different story. According to that, the video game sector is trying it’s best to manufacture the products. The process is still going on and will take a while.Killsquad Developer Details How PS5 SSD Will Improve Game ...

The plan was to get the gameplay and the console supply chain continuous. If the pace of manufacturing keeps up, then they will surely bring forth the release by the holiday season of 2020.

The real catch is, an extension by a month in the lockdown will cause some major issue. Though the company can manage at present, the future is quite uncertain.

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Keep Calm Because The Release Will Come Soon

The official company along with some analysts knew that people are expecting them to make some statements regarding the delays. Michael Patcher had some great things to say.

Patcher confirms that console manufacturing companies are something else. They aren’t even close to how other industries manufacture their products. Microsoft and Sony don’t quite depend on China for the supply of their products.The Xbox Series X is basically a PC - The Verge

There are other factors which favour the release of these products, like the fact that the demand is relatively low. It won’t be difficult to meet the market expectations. Moreover, unlike Apple products, Microsoft and Sony have their networks all over and not just in China.

The supply chains are quite wide. iPhone 12 has a date sooner than PlayStation and Xbox but it will face problems if coronavirus situation extends. Meanwhile, Sony and Microsoft will remain unaffected.

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