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The Princess Switch 2: Vanessa Hudgens Breaks The Internet With First Look !

The Princess SwitchΒ 
Source: EW

First Look Of The Princess Switch 2 Breaks The Internet

In 2018, Netflix released its first-ever Christmas movie with The Princess Switch. Talented actor Vanessa Hudgens leads the film. The movie released on Netflix to mixed reviews, but people thoroughly enjoyed it. It has prompted Netflix to come up with a sequel to the story.

The Princess fans will be excited to know that the first look of the sequel is out and it looks bigger and better this time. Vanessa Hudgens reprises the role of both Margaret Delacourt (Duchess of Montenaro) and Stacy DeNovo. When Vanessa first shot for the first movie, she found it to be a fun challenge as she had to play two distinct characters. She said at that time:

β€œ[The] most fun [part] was creating two different characters and allowing them to live in moments together. [The] most challenging was going back and forth in a scene shooting out both characters. It was a little confusing but a fun challenge. I grew up the biggest fan of [The] Parent Trap and loved acting out the scenes with my sister. I thought this could be for a new generation.”

The Princess SwitchΒ 
Source: EW

The Princess Switch 2 To Have Triple The Fun

In the first part of The Princess Switch, Vanessa played not one but two characters. It was interesting to see her play very diverse and opposite roles. From what we know about the sequel, an additional name is set to make an entry, and this too will be played by Vanessa.

The first part with Vanessa playing two characters was already a rollercoaster ride. Now with a triple role in the movie, the madness is expected to go up. Recently, after the release of the poster, Vanessa gave her reaction to the time when they were in talks for a sequel. She said:

β€œAfter I read it I thought, ‘Ooh man, this is going to be a lot of work,’ Three of me? Me, myself, and I! I was very excited to create yet another character and had such a blast doing so. I was told they wrote in a new character but I had no idea how much fun it would actually be.”

The Princess Switch To Have A Third Part

Vanessa is very confident that people will love the movie for its fun concept. For Vanessa, it was fun but equally challenging to act in the film. Since there are three characters with three traits, it became difficult for her to do a scene. It would take her time to exit a name and enter another character.

Moreover, with three roles, it becomes all the more difficult for her. She said:

β€œIt was fun, challenging, and would totally mess with my head and everyone else’s. Figuring out the shot list describing what we were filming was so confusing.”

Moreover, Netflix is also very confident that the movie will work and click with the audiences. Entertainment has confirmed that Netflix has already given the green light for a third part of the franchise. The production work for the third instalment will start this year and will release next year.

The Princess Switch
Source: Netflix

What Was The Story Of The Princess Switch

Princess Switch had the idea of two similar looking people from different parts of the world meeting each other. So in the movie, Vanessa plays the character of Margaret Delacourt (Duchess of Montenaro) and Stacy DeNovo. As the plot moves forward, the two characters have an encounter.

They come up with the idea of swapping each other’s life as both of them are not happy with their life. They both have their love interest Prince Edward and Kevin, respectively. Both of them teach each other about their life, and they swap places. In the end, Prince falls in love with Stacy, and Kevin and Margaret get together. The idea is an amusing concept to play around, and people thoroughly enjoyed the confusion and comedy attached to it.

The movie looks inspired by Mark Twain’s 1881 novel The Prince and the Pauper, which also has a similar concept of identical people from different spectrums of lives meeting and switching into each other’s lives.

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