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The Punisher: A Potentially Great Villain, But Unfortunately The Show Didn’t See Things Through!

The Punisher

Fans are disappointed as Marvel successfully wasted the potential of John pilgrim as a villain in The Punisher Season 2. Instead, the show focuses on the revenge of Billy Russo and the love angles.

Giorgia Whigham played the main role of Amy Bendix in the show. The story tales about a mysterious young girl Amy who is in the process of being hunted down. As her crew recruited by the Russian mafia to collect leverage on David Schultz.

Castle can’t help but involved in this mess. He discovers that she has escaped from a person named John Pilgrim. John pilgrim sent to assassinate by Schultz. He is a former assassin rebuilding his life upon discovering religion. As John manipulated by Eliza Schultz and Anderson, he commits a murder plan for them. Thus he becomes the great villain of the show. But it’s bad that the show didn’t see things through.

The Punisher

John Pilgrim’s Connection To Frank

The character John Pilgrim is not only a man of a tragedy like Castle. John and Castle both are men of discipline, training, and function by a code. They both torn apart from their families. John is as brutal and cold-blooded as a former assassin. And Frank Castle has the same. The season had explored this character to his potential. Possibly, fans would have found themselves relishing powerful confrontational senary between Pilgrim and Castle.

The Punisher Season 2 Spent Too Much Time On Billy

Season 2 of this show opens with Billy Russo as a mentally scarred and unstable patient by suffering from amnesia. He is quite aware of his past. As Jigsaw, he also builds his comic persona through the season.

The Punisher

Netflix Considered That Their’s Marvel Experiment Failed, But It’s Still Made a Great TV Show

The extended rivalry between Russo, Frank Castle, and John Pilgrim turns into secondary in season 1. Russo’s came back, simultaneously sidelines of the Pilgrim as a villain, and his avenge plan centralizes in season 2. The exploration of Russo’s avenge plan regarding Agent Madani and Castle takes up much screenplay.

Ultimately, in a nutshell, the season is lacking a definite central focus, also not using it’s super villain’s power properly.

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