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The Punisher Season 3: Is It Going To Be Postponed Or Cancelled? Read More To Know

The Punisher Season 3

Just as per the movies,Β Marvel has made sure it stays ahead when it comes to Television series as well. The studio introduced many new superhero characters to such as Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones.Β But the show found its biggest hit in Punisher Season 3 .Β It has been a year since we all got to saw Frank Castle in action.

But it seems that Netflix has been on a cancellation spree from the past one year. All Marvel shows were cancelled by Netflix one after the other. The Punisher too met with the same fate as well. After two highly successful seasons, the show was cancelled. This move comes after the contract between Netflix and Marvel expired.

The fans are eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of The Punisher back in action once again. But there is nothing we can say for sure right now.

Will There Be A Punisher Season 3?

Punisher Season 3

Marvel has been through a time lately, owing to Netflix’s cancellation spree. The Punisher Season 3 has been the most-watched of all the Marvel shows so far. But the future of the show looks dim. There has been no official announcement regarding the show being back on.

However, the fans are hopeful that the show will be revived just like Lucifer.Β The hope may come in the form the Disney+ streaming service will be launching later this year.Β  This service is set to include all shows and movies from the Marvel Universe. This might just be the silver lining all the fans were searching for. But nothing is for certain as of now.

What the fans were eagerly looking for the show off between The Punisher and Daredevil, who have a lot of history amongst them. There was also a possibility that Kingpin might be appearing in the third season as the villain. If season 3 had gone ahead, it would’ve picked up after the events of season 2.

But from the way things are looking right, the show officially stands CANCELED!

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