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The Queen’s Gambit Star Anya Taylor Joy Is Single Or Dating? Find Out

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Anya Taylor Joy Of The Queens’s Gambit Dating?

It isΒ  certainly shocking in more ways than one by this exciting, edgy, and enthralling drama set in the Cold War period. All you have to do is continue watching.

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A brain teaser and crowd pleaser worth keeping your eye on is The Queen’s Gambit. Especially when it comes to the star of the show, Anya Taylor-Joy.

The series is an adaptation of the 1983 novel of the same name by Walter Tevis. One of the biggest takeaways to come out of this adaptation has certainly been the outstanding performance by 24-year-old .Taylor-Joy for those familiar or unfamiliar with the novel.

Anya Taylor-Joy currently stars as Beth Harmon, a prolific young chess player who has the skills. She has discipline it takes to become a Grandmaster in the Netflix original The Queen’s Gambit. In a primarily dramatic production, the role marks Taylor-Joy ‘s first prominent turn. The show boasts quite the dark underbelly as alcoholism, sadness, and self-worth are confronted. Yet, it subtly weaves a feminist message central to the particular story of the show and the magnetic success of Taylor-Joy.

Taylor-Joy appeared in 2016’s romantic comedy Emma, as well as 2015’s The Witch 2016’s Split. Prior to The Queen’s Gambit. The young actor is fast ascending Hollywood’s ranks. She has become a household name with The Queen’s Gambit.

Understandably so, in real life, fans are anxious to learn more about the Gambit star of The Queen, too. So if you ever wondered who Anya was affiliated with, then you’re in luck.

Was Engaged To Eoin Macken?

While it does not appear that she confirmed the news herself, it was reported that Taylor-Joy was involved with Eoin Macken.

Source: www.whosdatedwho

He is an actor filmmaker and model. He directed Here Are the Young Men, the 2020 film starring the New Mutants actress.

A Reddit user asked the group in 2018 if Taylor-Joy was still involved, to which someone said they learned they broke up. And that her engagement ring was no longer on.

Dating Rumors

Taylor-Joy has most recently been linked to photographer Ben Seed.

Source: Women and Hollywood
Source: Daily Mail

The pair were spotted heading out for casual outings together, according to reports from the Daily Mail, while looking very comfortable in the midst of “London Lockdown,”
But this was recorded back in May, so now she may be single.

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