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The Real Trust About Kamala Harris Dark Past. Is She a Cop Whose Family Owned Slaves in Jamaica?

Recently on Facebook a post went viral that claims that Vice President candidate Kamala Harris and senator of California is ‘a cop whose family owns slaves in Jamaica’. The post is misleading and missing context.

After this picture went viral, it broke the internet degrading and defaming new Vice President candidate Kamala Harris. However not all the claims mentioned in the post is true.

Kamala Harris is the first women of colour and Asian America to step up in the race of Vice President. She is the daughter of the late Shyamala Gopalan, who was Indian-American and is from Kerala, India and Donald Harris, a Black Jamaican man and emigrated to the The United States. Kamala is in the race with president Joe Biden. Harris is being serving as a senator of California for years now.

The Truth about the post.

The viral post is said to be misleading and missing context used against kamala Harris. Since Kamala was never a police officer which is mentioned in the viral post. However she served as “Top Cop” indirectly through her positions as District Attorney of San Francisco from 2003. And then thereafter as Attorney General of California from 2011.

However the post isn’t completely false. Since it is true that Kamala’s father is claimed to be a descendant of a slave owner.

This dark past of the Harris family that undermines the point this claim tries to make. Although all the facts in the post weren’t true. Some of them made total sense. It is said that having a white slave owner in her ancestry makes Harris or any African American less Black.

What is the Missing context exactly?

The claims that Kamala Harris is a “cop” and that her “family owned slaves in Jamaica” are both missing essential context as explained above.

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