‘The Rising Of The Shield Hero: Season 2 And Season 3’ resumed? Release Date, Plot And Cast-Everything You Should Know!

The rising of the shield hero
The image of the characters from The Rising Of The Shield Hero .

Who does not as a good novel series turned into Anime? The anime community is always brimming with something new, involving as many good characters as possible. The Rising Of The Shield Hero is one of those web novel series which got adapted. After a very thrilling Season 1, the next ones are on their way.

The Rising Of The Shield Hero: Characters

Did you know our very dear Raphtalia was posted as the Best Girl by Crunchyroll? Admit it, a lot of us watched this show not because it was recommended but because people kept making memes out of it.

The rising of the shield hero
The main characters of The Rising Of The Shield Hero will be back in its season 2 and 3.

The absolute love for our Shield Hero is undeniable. We all love characters that are big but soft at the same time. He doesn’t stay down for long after what happened to him. One of my favourite episodes is of him, Raphtalia and the chicken doing weird things. Naofumi is undeniably an interesting isekai hero.

Expectations From The New Season

If you are wondering- what after the parallel universe? Fear not. Don’t forget; there’s a lot in store in the manga. Though there are no specifications about what could happen, I can only guess our heroes will continue to fight off more demons (Waves, you know).

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The rising of the shield hero
Isekai from The Rising Of The Shield Hero.

Release Date 

We received the previous season just last year, around January. With 25 episodes running, it took nearly half the year to finish off the entire row. As the show gained a considerable Fanbase, the number of viewers increased. Due to the boosting demands, the producers of the show our up a great surprise.

We were given not one, but two seasons confirmation at once! Imagine not having to worry about what to do with your life because your favourite show is over. The announcement was made initially by their Twitter account. They also provided an image, and the very first sneak peek of the show.

Though both the seasons are confirmed now, we are not expecting them to be released together. If the infectious pandemic does not cause further trouble this year, I hope season 2 will be out by the end of 2020.

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