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The risks gets higher with CDC’S Newly Released Guidelines For Testing Covid 19 virus


The U.S tops the charts with the maximum people affected with the covid 19 viruses. It secures the first place in the world with deadly cases of the coronavirus. More than 180,000 people have died due to this. The pandemic is getting dangerous day by day. The U.S Centres for disease control has advised previously that all the people in close contact with the infected persons get tested. But now it has recommended very few people to get tested.


CDC: Not so good

If these newly released guidelines are followed, there are a lot of chances for the death rate to increase. It could easily kill people. The virus that causes covid 19 will take a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 14 days to develop symptoms, and about 30 to 40%, it doesn’t show symptoms at all.Β  We can’t control the spread with the maximum tests done. If testings are decreased there are huge chances for more people to get affected if they don’t show symptoms

Brett Giroir’s statement

Giroir said to the agency that ” A negative test on Day 2 doesn’t mean you are negative.” He implied that we should always be cautious even if we are tested negative. The situation may get worse even if one person is careless. We should wear masks and maintain social distancing until the virus completely goes off

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Trump’s statement

Trump has repeatedly suggested that finding more coronavirus cases makes America look bad, And therefore claims that he told the administration to”slow the testing down,” so the cases will be less in counts. But later denied that the statement was a joke; trump had promised the vaccines and treatments for the coronavirus. But testing a vaccine and releasing it for public use takes a longer period than expected This decreases the chance of controlling the situation sooner

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