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The Riverdale Star ” Cole Sprouse ” Got Arrested In Downtown Santa Monica To Protest Last Weekend!

The George Floyd Incident

Cole Sprouse Arrested: The George Floyd incident has been going on and about for almost a week right now. Their entire country of the United States of America is crumbling.

The states are actually rising to riot because of the incident that took place horribly. This is absolutely a result of police brutality and the government, which is taking no action in order to improve the current situation.

Even in the past, there were several situations of the blacks being murdered ruthlessly by the police. They got away with paid Suspension and no charges. I think this is the reason why the black community is absolutely done. Even some of the white people understand and stand with them.

Cole Sprouse Takes A Stand
Cole Sprouse Takes A Stand

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Cole Sprouse Was Arrested

Cole Sprouse is one of the best actors. We know him from the show that we use to watch over the Disney Channel. But that is how the millennials remember the gen z him from Riverdale.

Sprouse was arrested because he was protesting peacefully on the streets of Downtown Santa Monica. There was a group of people who are protesting on the spot peacefully and not breaking of burning things when the police arrived.

The police wanted them to leave, or else we would be arrested. And when they did start to leave there yet arrested. This means that they were not even given a chance to go back and where they are arrested because the police wanted to do so.

Cole Sprouse shares this entire incident on his social media account.

Cole Sprouse Arrested
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The Protests Are Not Stopping Soon

It is absolutely outrageous whatever is happening in America currently. I think all these riots are taking place because the government is not listening to the people. Trump has to understand the situation. I don’t think that this racist man will never do that; therefore, riots might contain you.

Even the celebrities are taking part in this, and there has to be a positive impact on the country out of all this destruction.

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