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The Seath Jackson Murder: Charlie Ely Gets Freedom

Charlie Ely on the Left and Seath Jackson on the Right
Source: Daily Mail

The Seath Jackson Murder: Charlie Ely Gets Freedom:Β In 2011, the entire United States of America was shocked due to the worst case of ‘teenage murder’ USA has ever seen.

A group of unsupervised teenagers on drugs murdered a 15-year-old Florida boy, Seath Jackson. Amber Wright, his former girlfriend (who was also 15 at the same time) killed Jackson.

Wright, with her friends, lured Jackson into an empty house, hit the boy, shot him and burnt him. The Murderers were Kyle Hooper (17), Justin Soto (20), Micheal Bargo (18), Charlie Ely (18) and Amber Wright (15).

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Charlie Ely, who rented the house for the murder got released from prison recently.

Let us dig into the details of the murder.

Seath Jackson Murder: The Timeline

In December 2010 Amber and Seath started dating. They dated for almost three months. Naturally, like any other 15-year-olds, they fought a lot of times and had jealousy issues. They even consumed a lot of drugs during their time together, which did not help with the jealousy.
Michael Bargo was Wright’s friend, and he did not get along with Jackon. Seath thought Michael was the reason Amber broke up with him.
Amber Wright on the Right and Jackson on the Left
Source: 20min
Amber told Michael and Kyle (her step-brother) that Seath was sexually abusing her. We are not sure if this is true. It instigated the fight between Seath and Michael.
Over a few days, Michael, Kyle and Seath fought with each other verbally. Soon, this resulted in the brutal murder of Seath Jackson.

Charlie Ely: Her Role In The Murder And Her Freedom

Charlie got married to a man who was serving a sentence in the Florida jail. She, along with four others, got arrested right after Jackson’s murder. It has been nine years since she got convicted.
Charlie Ely on the Trial
Source: The Ledger
Now, the 27-year-old Charlie Ely got released on Wednesday, i-e 17th June for her role in the murder. Ely pled guilty for a lesser charge in the second-degree murder.
Ely has spent nine years in the prison and, she earned additional credit for her time in state prison.

Seath Jackson Murder: Other Details

Even after Ely’s is free now, prosecutors still feel that she portrayed a major role in the death of Seath Jackson. Michael Bargo shot Jackson. Michael, Justin and Kyle burned Seath’s body and dumped his remains in the quarry.

The death of Seath Jackson created unrest in the life of his family. I find it shocking that a bunch of teenagers could kill someone so brutally that it scarred his parents’ lives forever. I don’t know if those kids who killed Seath Jackson feel remorse after spending nine years in the prison.

Stay tuned to find out more!

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