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The Siege! Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 4

The Mandalorian
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The Mandalorian

The live-action star wars series that showed us baby Yoda returned for its season 2 on October 30th. One thing that will not change is the number of episodes in the season. The series left off with the Mandalorian and the Child leaving the site of the Moff Gideon showdown. The Mandalorian then decided to take the child to the Jedi.

Season 2: Recap

The Mandalorian season 2
The Mandalorian and Vanth

The show proceeds with the Mandalorian and the child continuing their journey while facing any obstacle in their way. Until that threat turns out to be a Krayt Dragon, that appears when the Mandalorian has issues with Vanth. Fortunately, the Mandalorian with support from others slays the dragon.

All many wanted to see was baby Yoda, but he did not do much in terms of action. Moving on, the Mandalorian is given a task to take a passenger called Frog Lady to Trask where her husband will fertilise her eggs. However, things go sideways when their transport crashes and is damaged in an attempt to escape the New Republic’s patrol.

Due to the urgency of the situation, the Mandalorian is forced to repair the vessel. As they seek to resume their journey they are attacked by a giant spider, trapping them. This in turn proves problematic as the Mandalorian almost gets arrested for his β€œillegal” task. All ends well when this doesn’t happen and we can see the Mandalorian resume his journey.

Going forward, the Mandalorian brings the Frog Lady to her husband. Based on intel of the location of three other Mandalorians, the Mandalorian sets off. This makes him able to come to the aid of Bo-Katan and her team. Even though the trust is not rock solid they work together against a common foe in the meantime. All is well so much so that Bo offers the Mandalorian a slot on their journey which he politely refuses.

Episode 4

The Mandalorian and the Child continue their journey into another planet called Sorgan. The Mandalorian takes up another task to fend off raiders of a village. He uses the money he gets to hire Cara Dune, a rebel shock trooper he met.
Cara and the Mandalorian soon learn that these aren’t just any rebels as they have a particularly strong vessel. Cara poses the idea that the villagers relocate but they remain quite adamant about their home.

They however refuse to abandon their home which leaves the Mandalorian and Cara with no choice but to fight. They cannot do it alone so they teach the farmers how to defend themselves as well. Cara and the Mandalorian try to provoke the raiders and lead them into the villager’s traps. After a long back and forth, the Mandalorian and Cara eventually win.

The episode closes with Mandalorian considering leaving the Child behind for safety. Not long after, the Child is the subject of an attempted assassination making the Mandalorian rethink his decision. They bid the villagers farewell and move on to the next part of their journey.

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