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The Simpsons Season 31 Episode 19: Release Date, Cast, What Will Be Storyline? Get To Know The Updates!

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The Simpsons

The SimpsonsΒ is an AmericanΒ animated series. Matt Groening created it for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series mainly depicts a working-class life. It revolves around the Simpson family with Homer,Β Marge,Β Bart,Β Lisa, andΒ Maggie. The series also became a part of The Tracey Ullman ShowΒ on April 19, 1987.

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However, it also turned out to be Fox’s first series to land in the Top 30 ratings in a season. The Simpsons is said to be one of the longest-running American animated series. A movie by this name was also released on July 27, 2007. However, it grossed over $527 million.

Story Behind The Characters

Groening creates a family with the characters after his family members, substituting Bart for his name. The story takes place in a fictional American town in the US state. Seeing the attention paid by the audience, the series renewed for a thirty-first and thirty-second season in February 2019.

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The Simpsons Season 31 Episode 19 Release Date

The first episode of the thirty-first season of The Simpsons came out on September 30, 2019. Since then, new episodes kept on releasing for the viewers, for every few weeks. After airing about ten episodes, the show took a break, as it usually does. After taking a break in December 2019, it came back with the eleventh episode on January 5, 2020.

However, after that, many episodes have come up. So, we can expect the next episodes as soon as possible. The 19th episode is to stream on April 27, 2020.


We can expect a similar cast from that of the previous episode. However, there are expectations of seeing a new character in this episode. Bode, a young, charismatic new preacher may come into the picture.

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The Storyline

The 18th episode “The Incredible Lightness Of Being A Baby”, shows Cletus becoming a helium tycoon. It also portrays Maggie’s reunion with baby Hudson.

So, for the coming episode, we can expect the play to revolve around the new character, Bode. He is a young preacher. However, we can say that “Warrin’ Priests”, shows how the new preacher shakes up the church.

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