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The Sims 5 Online: Release Date, Cast, Plot! Get To Know All The Updates..

Image of a popular upcoming came - The Sims 5

Β The Sims released on February 4, 2000. Since its release, the life simulation video game has gained a lot of popularity. The franchise has sold over 200 million copies worldwide has been one the best-selling game of all time.

All the editions from The Sims toΒ The Sims 4Β Β have enjoyed the same fate. Created by Will Wright,Β the world’s bestseller video game has been developed by Maxis. After 4 fantastic parts,Β Β Electronic ArtsΒ is back with the 5th part of the life simulation series.

The Sims 5 - Oficial Trailer Eletronic Arts 2019/2020 ...

When Will The Sims 5 Release?

No official date forΒ The Sims 5Β has been announced as of now. It is expected that the full numbered sequel will release sometime in 2021. In the wake of the chaos caused by the pandemic, a 2020 release is highly unlikely.

What To Expect From The Sims 5?

The Sims 5 will be consisting of several online features. The entire community has been crying out for an online multiplayer game mode. The Sims 5Β  is all set to feature an online multiplayer game mode along with single-player components.

Why EA Shouldn't Make The Sims 5 - Hey Poor Player

This means that now you will be able to hang out with your friend or group at their creations respectively, just likeΒ Minecraft.Β You can meet your friend’s creations to meet new people if EA allows for it.

The online part isn’t the only new addition to the game. Developers of the game have said that the game will have enhanced graphics for better gameplay experience. Multiple customizations will be available to users like better vehicles and full neighbourhood customizations.

EA CEOΒ Andrew WilsonΒ said that the developers are planning to incorporate many features from the now-defunct The Sims Online.

sims 5 trailer (2018) - YouTube

What All Platforms Will The Sims 5 Be Available On?

Following the previous trend, The Sims 5 will be making its debut on PC. After PC, it will then be made available to Playstation and Xbox.Β However, there is no word whether EA will be releasing The Sims 5 onΒ NintendoΒ consoles.

Are There Any Stuff/Expansion Packs For The Sims 5?

Similar to all editions of The Sims, the game will also be having an expansion pack. It will release after the core game releases. Gameplay additions could include The Sims Career, The Sims Pets, and The Sims Seasons.

Maxis may roll out several RPG based expansion packs or themed DLCs.

The Sims 5 with Virtual Reality – Silverwolfpet

Stuff packs will be announced soon as the game is incomplete without stuff packs. Following the pattern, the DLCs will be made available once the core game has gained a foothold.

Is The Gameplay Trailer Out?

Electronic Arts haven’t released any gameplay trailer for the upcoming game.


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