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The Smiths Have Numerous Talents, And One Of Them Includes Having A ‘Great Sense Of Humor’

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The Smiths Have Numerous Talents, And One Of Them Includes Having A ‘Great Sense Of Humor’: The Smiths have a great sense of humour and can surely make people around them have a good laugh. This playful humour runs in the family.

On 21 September, American actor and musician Jaden Smith shared a video on his official Instagram account. He captioned it with: “Me Trying To Get Any Acknowledgement While My Parents Are Present.”

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In that video, Jaden is standing with his mother, Jada Pinkett Smith, and father, Will Smith, and is engaged in a fourth person conversation.

The individual offers Jada a fist-bump and then does the same with Will. But when Jaden holds a fist out, he gets no response. His fist-bump is left ignored.

This hilarious video received more than four million views, and many people appreciated it through comments.

Besides his excellent acting skills, everyone knows Will for his fantastic sense of humour. Will Smith himself reposted the post on his own Instagram account with a caption reading, “HAHAHAHA.”

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The post has crossed over 11 million views.

Even the Instagram users had some sarcastic comments about the video. One person wrote: “Why are you gonna snub Jaden?”

The other one under the post said, “Lol, I’m sorry, but that’s cold.”

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