The tiny football car gets Pride paint job for Euro 2020 final

Over the course of the Euro 2020 tournament, LGBTQ+ support has been seen from players and fans alike.

England captain Harry Kane wore a rainbow armband during England’s match with Germany. Jordan Henderson, England’s midfielder, also sported rainbow laces.

Even though there has been progress in queer allyship, the tournament has also seen its fair share of controversy regarding LGBTQ+ Pride.

Earlier this month UEFA banned Volkswagen from showcasing Pride adverts in Azerbaijan and Russia.

On Friday (2 July), UEFA told the car manufacturing company that concerns about the “legal framework” around LGBTQ+ support in Russia and Azerbaijan prompted the decision.

At the end of June, Munich was denied the opportunity to light up its stadium in rainbow colours during Germany’s match with Hungary.

Dieter Reiter, Munich’s mayor, wanted to light up the stadium in protest of the current anti-LGBTQ+ legislation that the Hungary government is imposing.

But even though they were banned from lighting up the stadium many fans wore rainbow colours and flags in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

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