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The Two-Time Academy Award Nominated Margot Robbie Star Was Asked About The Moment She Realized She Had Made It As An Actor!

Margot Robbie Star
Margot Robbie Star

Margot Robbie Updates

Margot Elise Robbie is an Australian film producer and actress. She has got many awards for her acting and work towards films. Thus, she is the one who has got nominations for two Academy Awards and five BAFTA awards. Also, in 2017 Margot is in Time Magazine, who is in the top 100 most influential persons across the globe. However, she is in the list of the world’s highest-paid actresses.

What Did She Reveal?

So recently she has revealed that the poignant moment she realized that she could make it in Hollywood. Also, she revealed that she misses some about Australia. However, she among the top most successful acting experts in Australia. Thus, on Tuesday, she revealed as part of the visit to Queensland children’s hospital.

Due to the ongoing issues of coronavirus pandemic, everyone is staying at home. So, actors are finding some time to spend time with their hardcore fans. Thus, many actors were coming live from their social media official accounts. So, Margot as part of her hospital live program came live on Facebook, which is Juiced TV. Thus, she answered some questions from her fans.

It is one of the questions, regarding her decision to become an actor. Margot replied that when she moved to America, and then to Time square in New York City. So, she is a part of the giant billboard of a television show, where she is shooting. Also, she added that, she was eight feet tall, on a billboard in Time square.

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Other Details

So, then Margot thought that “Wow, I think I’ve made it”. But, this is the reference to her first break in the drama Pan am. Also, it is based on Pan American World Airways. This is the screen sharing with Christina Ricci.

In the same session, she said that she missed a lot about Australia. However, she based on her husband Tom Ackerley, who is a Filmmaker in Los Angeles. So, she is missing those thunderstorms, also being a gold coast girl, with the best thunderstorms and various snacks. Also, Margot is the owner of a production company, which is LuckyChap Entertainment.


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