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The Umbrella Academy 2: Release Date, Story, Read The Article For Full Updates!

The Umbrella Academy 2

The Umbrella Academy 2: Netflix Original

The Umbrella Academy, before it was made into a series, used to be a comic by Dark Horse Comics. Netflix adapted it into motion pictures, and it immediately made it to the charts. It revved around superhero siblings who reunite and find the mystery behind their father’s deathβ€”the squad team up for The Umbrella Academy 2.

All the characters are adopted by a billionaire and raised to form a team. The individual characters develop distinct personalities and possess unique powers- ranging from travelling in time-space, beating somebody in pulp to reading minds.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2
The first look of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy Season 2.

I personally love Allison and Claus, and it is super cool to bring the dead back and communicate with them! What about you? Vanya is indeed one of the powerful ones, but what is to be done about that? She was almost responsible for the apocalyptic disaster. Since season 1 ended abruptly, the second part has to be a spicy one!

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The Umbrella Academy 2: Cast Members

Let’s look at the main characters who have no choice but to return:

  • Colm FeoreΒ – Reginald Hargreeves / The Monocle
  • Tom Hopper – Luther Hargreeves (Number One)
  • David CastanedaΒ – Diego Hargreeves (Number Two)
  • Emmy Raver LampmanΒ – Allison Hargreeves (Number Three)
  • Robert SheehanΒ – Klaus Hargreeves (Number Four)
  • Aidan GallagherΒ – Number Five
  • Justin H. MinΒ – Ben Hargreeves (Number Six)
  • Ellen PageΒ – Vanya Hargreeves (Number Seven)
  • Mary J. BligeΒ – Cha-Cha
  • Cameron BrittonΒ – Hazel
  • John MagaroΒ – Leonard Peabody / Harold JenkinsΒ 
  • Adam Godley and Ken Hall – Pogo
The Umbrella Academy Season 2
The cast of Netflix’s upcoming The Umbrella Academy Season 2.

When Will It Release?

There are a lot of teasers all over social media. Netflix too released its version over Twitter and Netflix. However, the big question is, when will it release?

Presently, everything has come to a halt in response to the coronavirus crisis. I hope the production involving editing etc. are in the process as they do it from their respective residence. Worry not, the filming was already finished by the end of last year!

It can be our anytime soon, and we just have to be patient and keep checking the official site for updates. Till then, you could reach the comic series if patience gets the worse of you!

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