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The Umbrella Academy Theory: How They Change Vanya ‘s power !

The Umbrella Academy Theory

The Umbrella Academy is a web series based comics of the same name. Dark Horse comics published these comics. The storyline in the comics revolves around a dysfunctional family of superhero siblings solving their father’s death. One of the main characters, Number seven, in the series is Vanya Hargreeves. This article is all about The Umbrella Academy theory.

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The Look

Vanya in the comics appeared like a violin. Which is why her superhero moniker is called ‘The White Violin’. Although on the screen there is no such thing. Only her eyes glow white. Later as her power identifies her face and body become white. As well as her clothing and violin become white. There is one scene when she looks like as described in comics.
From The Umbrella Academy comics, we know Vanya’s power is associate with sound waves. She has advanced hearing power. She can block certain sounds to hear specific ones. Most importantly, she can use sound waves to move them with her mind. And channelize an enormous amount of energy to things around her & blasting them.
The Umbrella Academy Theory
Vanya from The Umbrella Academy is influential among all others.

The Umbrella Academy Theory: Vanya

Vanya able to control sounds through music in the comics. But in the TV show, she uses it as a weapon. The violin helps her to amplify her power. And a single not can destroy anything. In the season finale, when all hell is breaking, we see her violin conducts her ability.
In the comics, a mysterious conductor selects Vanya in an orchestra. There she gets to know about her power. And agreed to help the conductor to destroy the planet. In the show Leonard aka conductor in the comics makes Vanya realize her power. Where she eventually destroyed the moon.
The Umbrella Academy Theory
Vanya with her violin from The Umbrella Academy.

About Season 2

Β As per the storyline in comics, Vanya will try to destroy the world. And to stop her, she needs to shot five times in the head. But Allison shot near to her ear. To disrupt her attention but not to kill her. The incident leads to destroying the moon accidentally. And Vanya becomes unable to work and forgetting the memory in the comics. But in the show, it’s all unclear as she is unconscious.
There are similarities and differences between the comic and the show. But there is a lot of questions to answer in season 2. We will be eager to look forward to it.

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