The US Records The Most Number of Deaths Due to COVID-19. Death Toll Surpasses 2.25 Lakh.

The Novel Coronavirus doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. And with that guess who’s on top? America, of course. It is the country with the most number of cases and deaths. Now the USA has recorded almost 2.25 lakh deaths in total. And it’s insane the number of people who died this year. What do you think about it?

The Death Toll Increased To 2.25 Lakh.

The Center for Systems, Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University reported a total of 2.25 lakh deaths only due to the coronavirus this year. And according to the reports, a few more lakh deaths can be tolled until the start of next year.


The officials gave the figure that in the world, war two approximately 2.9 lakh Americans died. And this year due to coronavirus almost 2.5 lakh died, and a few more lakhs may die if precautions are not taken.

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The USA currently has over 8.2 million covid 19 cases recorded. However, over 70% of people have cured already. With Brazil being the second-highest and Indi being on number 3rd.


On Friday, the Covid Tracking Project tracked down over 1 lakh cases in a day. The data has shocked everyone all around the world. With this, finally, the death toll if America has surpassed 2.25 lakh. However, many vaccines are on their human trial, and hopefully, we get a cure this year.


The good news here is the fact that according to the health department of America, the cases in New York City has decreased by 3.08%, which is good news for people. However, the official Governor of New York says that it’s a long way to go and precautions must be taken.

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