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The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale: All We Know So Far

The Walking Dead Season 10

The Walking Dead Season 10: AMC announced that episode 15 “The Tower” which was thought to be a penultimate episode will now serve as the final episode of the season. AMC shuts down the post-production of chapter 16, the actual finale titled “A Certain Doom”.

The actual finale episode will, reportedly, air later this year as a special episode. ItΒ was due to wind on 12th April in the US, but this will not be the case.

Episode 15 will air on AMC on 5th April.

Why Is It Delayed? (The Walking Dead Season 10)

A statement by AMC read that post-production of ‘The Walking Dead season 10 finale is impossible to complete in the current events (COVID-19 Pandemic). “The current season will end with its 15th episode on 5th April”, it further read.

The Walking Dead Season 10

Executive producer Greg Nicotero said “Post-production involves VFX, music, sound mixing and sound FX. This process usually goes up to about three weeks from air date,” He further said that “the episode will not disappoint you.”

Below, we have analyzed every aspect of the promo and the trailer released by the AMC related to episode 15.

The Tower In ComicΒ 

Since the title of episode 15 is the tower, people are speculating that the tv show will adapt the storyline related to the water tower in series 181 of comic series.

In the comic, Gabriel climbs a nearby water tower to take a patrol and Alert the saviours when Beta arrives with his army. As he looks through the scope, he saw a large group of Whisperers approaching. Gabriel runs towards the ladder and in his panic fell off the ladders. His ankle got stuck in the steps, and he was stuck there. Beta approached him and said, “I will save you”. He then gutted him and let the walkers devour on him, stripping him nearly to the bone on the upper half of his body.

But, it is an unlikely event in the tv adaptation. First, the tv series has also previously altered the deaths of various characters. Second, Father Gabriel character is quite different in tv series than it is in Comics.

The Walking Dead Season 10

In the promo video, there is no scene showing a tower. However, it is demonstrated that Alden and Aaron are in a windmill at Hilltop where Beta is with the horde. The view is further explained in the following subheading.

Beta Army (The Walking Dead Season 10)

Beta is shown preparing for the attack on the communities in Alexandria.

“Prepare the guardians,” he says. “We walk.”

In another clip for Episode 15, it is shown that not everyone has abandoned Hilltop. Alden and Aaron are shown behind the Beta in a windmill. They are peeking and taking notes. However, there is a scene where Beta turns around towards the direction of Alden and Aaron. But it not clear whether he has seen Alden or not.

Eugene And Squad Meet Princess (The Walking Dead Season 10)

Eugene continues to meet with Stephanie with Yumiko and Ezekiel. The trio arrives in a strange city (presumably Charleston) and notices a few disturbing scenes of walkers dressed up and tied to chairs and cars. There they met the new character of the show Juanita Sanchez, commonly known as “Princess” or “Princess of Pittsburg.”

The Walking Dead Season 10

In the comics, Princess was a lone survivor living in Pittsburgh. She later became a resident of Alexandria Safe-Zone after Eugene’s group brought her to the community. In the promo video, it is clear she is very fascinated by going on the “sort of a mission” with them.

Finally, Judith is shown in words asking Daryl Dixon to teach her how to fight walkers as he does. Later she kills a walker by stabbing him on the head.

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