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The Witcher Season 2 Has A Release Date Of 2021 On Netflix?

The Witcher season 2

Witcher season 2 is coming to Netflix–and while the return of the fantasy thriller doesn’t have a release date yet. We’re being teased with new set photos of the cast of season 2 and Halloween-themed monster mash-ups.

A coronavirus has also hit work on Witcher Season 2. Still, it is now in full swing after the launch of a second national lockout in England. The film and TV production are thankfully permitted to proceed. In September 2019, the first two episodes seemed to have ended shooting too as Stephen Surjik had finished his time in the program. This indicates that substantial progress has been made.


When will The Witcher return on Netflix?

Showrunner Lauren S Hissrich announced that on November 13, 2019, five weeks before season one, The Witcher was renewed, bewitching us all on December 20. Unfortunately, there’s no official release date for season two yet. And it’s impossible to predict precisely when new episodes will drop without Yennefer’s magic to direct us, especially given All That’s Going On Right Now.

Variety previously announced that expected development to start in the early part of 2020 on season two, with a projected release for 2021. Hissrich also confirmed that. We don’t yet have a target launch date for season two past 2021, during the Reddit AMA. But it has changed the game.

The Witcher timeline

When playing around on your computer, did you watch The Witcher? Did you try to make sense in a haze of eggnog and turkey sweats of all the timelines? Or were you too busy looking at Geralt’s Henry Cavill to note what was going on?

If so, then chances are you have struggled in season one to keep up with everything going on. Hell, even if concentrated you. This show’s plot is more slippery than a Witcher in a bathtub. That is where we come in, though. In this chaotic, messy presentation, join us here at Digital Spy as we toss a bone to The Witcher newbies and unravel each of the three primary timelines.


Characters of the Witcher

The timeline of Geralt stretches over 30 years, and Yennefer’s is much longer. Still, with some convenient title cards, the show refuses to make that obvious, dipping in and out of various periods without any warning whatsoever.

This is made all the more confusing as you weigh in how most of the main characters don’t mature in conventional ways – even though Jaskier, at the very least, should look older as time passes.

Geralt’s timeline and his favourite horse, Roach, are far more tricky to untangle than the magnificent silver mane, but thanks to Mashable’s sleuthing, we’re able to see where The Witcher’s arc starts.

The main thing to note about Yennefer is that she’s far older than her youthful skin would have you believe.

All we see from Yennefer before she encounters Geralt in episode five takes place well before her show’s timeline. Her plot is mainly concurrent with his, but the nuances are hard to pin down.


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