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The Women And Family Development Ministry Has Denied Allegations That The Ministry Is Spreading Covid-19!

Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to the ongoing issues of Covid-19 everyone is working from home. Unfortunately, the cases are increasing day by day. As we all know, Prime Minister extended the lockdown up to May 3. Also, Governments are trying their best to stop spreading the virus. But, people are taking it for granted and they kept on roads in some areas.

In some situations governments couldn’t handle and people were escaping from them. Polices and doctors are working day and night to save people lives. But, the public is not understanding the severe conditions in which we are living. Also, state and central governments providing food to the people, who are with hunger.

People In Kerela

Coronavirus Pandemic
Coronavirus Pandemic

In Kerela, 8 people escaped from the Airport from having medical screening. Also, those people have not opened that they were coming from Italy. These people had traveled with other people who are having the virus. Thus, hundreds of people are under quarantine centers because of these 8 people in the Pathanamthitta district. After knowing about this, the public roasted them through social media.

Kerela Leaders

So, these 8 members from the three-member family are now under the isolation. Doctors in the hospital, who are taking treatment are exposed to the risk of getting risk. Pinarayi Vijayan, Kerela Cheif Minister has denied allegations in spreading viruses. He dismissed the allegations of data about the Covid-19 victims on Saturday.

Ramesh Chennaithala, Opposition leader said that the LDK government has trusted a US company to collect data from the corona patients. Their task was to collect the data about the virus from infected people. But, it is the violation of their fundamental rights. Also, the collected data has not uploaded to the government server. The information collected from patients using government machinery was instead uploaded in a foreign company.

The Women and Family Development Ministry has dismissed the violation of leakage. But, some media say those are not worked for money, but they had rendered their services. Also, rumors like the data was uploaded in the Indian server. Opposition leaders said that sharing of secret data and providing to foreign countries is a serious issue.

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