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The Woods Jupiter Owner In Trouble; Lawyer Demands Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend Erica Herman To Hand Over Her Phone

Tiger (44) and his girlfriend Erica Herman (35) accused of killing employee

According to the reports, The Woods Jupiter, Tiger (44) and his girlfriend, Erica Herman (35) are under suspicion.

A bartender died in a car crash after he was allegedly 'over-served alcohol' at the restaurant
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Currently being accused of “over-serving young man alcohol who they knew was suffering from the disease of alcoholism” in May 2019.

Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend Erica Herman To Hand Over Her Phone

In December 2018, Nicholas Immesberger was a bartender working at The Woods Jupiter. He met with an accident, crashing his car and died after leaving the restaurant.

The employee's blood alcohol level was three times over the legal limit

After this, Nicolas’ estate requested Erica, who is general manager of the restaurant, hand over her cell phone on September 28.

Β Lawyers from Nicholas’ parent’s side requested a “mutually convenient time and place to be scheduled to inspect the cellular phone” with their cell phone expert present.

Erica is general manager of the Florida restaurant

During 2019, court testimony Erica initially told to keep a hold onto the phone. The phone that she used when Nicholas was an employee. As a result, Lawyers for Nicholas’ estate proposed the court to approve their demand. The demand for Erica to give up her phone.

The lawsuit claimed Erica recruited the employee

So far, the court has not yet made a ruling on the request.

The Woods Jupiter Sued For Wrongful Death

Erica, Tiger and The Woods Jupiter initially charged for wrongful death.

Tiger Woods' girlfriend Erica Herman has been ordered to hand over her cell phone
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According to the complaint: β€œThe employees, management and owners of The Woods not only ignored Immesberger’s disease, but they also fueled it by over-serving him alcohol to the point of severe intoxication and then sending him out to his car to drive home.”

Also, claiming that Erica β€œpersonally knew, recruited and was well aware of Immesberger’s habitual abuse of alcohol.”

The complaint claimed β€œso much alcohol was served to Immesberger by the employees and managers at The Woods” following his shift that he had blood alcohol three times over the legal limit.

Tiger called the accident 'terrible'
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To watch the video of Tiger Woods inside a jail. Click here!Β 

As a result, Nicholas lost control of his Corvette and endured deadly injuries.

Also, the filing proceeded that employees and management at the restaurant “not only promoted drinking alcohol by its employees, but it also allowed employees to drink on and off the job at The Woods.”

Tiger, Erica and the restaurant have denied any misconduct. They claim that Nicholas β€œfailed to use an available and operational seat belt.”

Tiger and Erica were eventually expelled from the lawsuit, with The Woods Jupiter as the remaining Defendant.

Tiger was named as a Defendant, but was later dropped
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In 2019, the father of the two said during a press conference: β€œWell, we’re all very sad that Nick passed away.

β€œIt was a terrible night, a terrible ending. We feel bad for him and his entire family. It’s very sad.” about the accident.

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