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There Is A New Way To Kill Coronavirus! And Dr Fauci Knows It!

Dr. Fauci Coronavirus
Source: CNBC

Struggle Of The US Against The Coronavirus Pandemic

There Is A New Way To Kill Coronavirus! And Dr Fauci Knows It!: The coronavirus pandemic is probably the one unified problem that the world is fighting against but has no solution as of now. Almost every other country is aiming for a vaccine, and many are already in third stage human testing.

However, there is still a long way to go before we get a safe and effective vaccine. Even with the best of technology in various countries like Italy, Japan, and the US, a vaccine looks like a distant dream. The US is the worst affected country with close to seven million cases, and things are not slowing down.

Dr. Fauci Coronavirus
Source: CNBC

Why Is The US Struggling With The Coronavirus Pandemic

There is a reason why the US is choking under coronavirus. Their leader Donald Trump does not insist on wearing a mask. He mocks others for wearing a mask. Moreover, many people are still not getting the gravity of the situation.

They are thinking of this virus like the flu that hits the US once in a year. Moreover, people are hitting the beaches and going to places like nothing has happened. The US is still struggling to go forward with the idea of social distancing.

Dr Fauci Feels Heat Can Kill Coronavirus

When coronavirus was spreading around the world, there were rumours that the virus dies under hot conditions. However, these rumours later got thrashed for no evidence. However, Dr Fauci, the adviser to Trump regarding coronavirus, claimed that heat does affect the virus. He feels the virus dies when it gets exposed to heat for a considerable period.

Source: NY Post

Dr Fauci Recommends Outside Gatherings Over Inside Gatherings

The people of the US are anyway not following social distancing measures. Dr Fauci asked them to form gatherings outside in open areas rather than inside. He said:

β€œIt does. That’s one of the reasons why outside in the sun when you are interacting… That is much, much better than being inside. Outside is always better than inside.”

However, the best thing to do would be to wear a mask when you step out.

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