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‘This Is US’ Review- How Beautifully The Current Scenario And Problems Projected In The Show

THIS IS US -- Season: 2 -- Pictured: (l-r) Sterling K Brown as Randall, Susan Kelechi Watson as Beth, Milo Ventimiglia as Jack, Mandy Moore as Rebecca, Justin Hartley as Kevin, Chrissy Metz as Kate, Chris Sullivan as Toby -- (Photo by: Maarten de Boer/NBC)

This Is Us Season 5 Is Here

In the Season 5 premiere of “This Is Us,” six words hold more relatable depth than the thousands around them. A dense two hours of pre-planned action adapted to include two of the worst tragedies of 2020.

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No wonder such a choice comment comes from Randall Pearson. ‘This Is Us’ “long-reigning MVP, so wonderfully embodied by Emmy nominee Sterling K. Brown. But it’s a little shocking how quickly his admission cuts through the many problems Randall is charged in the season premiere. Virtually all their plots pass through Randall in both series. It is incredible how well both the character and the actor can mould themselves into 2020 mood. We are sad, some of us more than others. “This Is Us” provides a reasonably clear distinction as to why.

That is, until it returns to its old self in the season. These opening episodes, written by writer Dan Fogelman as well as Kay Oyegun and Jake Schnesel. It goes out of their way to discuss the COVID-infected elephant in the room. Even represent Randall’s real, restrained reckoning in the aftermath of George Floyd ‘s murder with police brutality. For the many other series that seek to integrate world-shaking realities into their ongoing tale. ‘Forty’ Parts 1 and 2 might also act as a solid benchmark. But the greatest test tied to such goals fails in its final minutes. The balance between the knowledge of the imaginary, heartwarming drama fans and the cold. It unpredictable present we all strive to avoid goes uncomfortably. “This Is Us” emerges for an eye-rolling ending that contradicts its own achievements.


Let ‘s begin with what’s been working. Randall is not himself in the two-part Season 5 premiere. About why? Well, pick a reason: Kevin (Justin Hartley) told him not long ago (in the Season 4 finale). The worst thing that ever happened to me was when Randall was adopted by the Pearson family. That’s a low blow, even from the alcoholic brother who chose Randall for much of his life.

Randall tells his psychiatrist, Dr. Leigh (Pamela Adlon), all of this. But there’s more, he struggles with the catastrophic consequences of the pandemic of COVID-19. Randall has to make tough decisions as a city councilman in Philadelphia. About where to put his diminishing budget and which workers to furlough. Meanwhile, “haemorrhaging cash,” is his wife’s dance studio. While Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) and the family shelter are in place.

All of this is expressed by a montage of time-warping. Director Ken Olin bottles up the frantic, terrifying pace of life in 2020 for a few minutes, dropping fresh inventions on top of each other at a surprisingly rapid rate. The pandemic escalates from Kevin calling COVID “the virus thing” to telling Kate (Chrissy Metz) that while standing six feet away, outdoors, mask in hand, he knocked up her best friend.

In all of these points (from mask etiquette to anti-racism), This Is Us’ understands how well-versed its audience is and wisely refrains from over-explaining them again. The episodes show the unique dynamics of 2020 in moments like the Pearson family watching TV together, and even when Randall has to give his sister a big speech about what he’s going through, it sounds real.

The Show Shows The Oppressions Of Black Americans And More

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First of all, the world is anything but glamorous as seen through the 2020 prism. And everything in the episode before this moment was based around the premise that Black Americans were oppressed for the entire life of Randall; that racism is structural and that Randall doesn’t feel different at this moment, and that’s the point. Even if the “battle on” motives are as clear as they are pressing, there is no reason to assume that progress is imminent.

Worse still, “This Is Us” pushes on to announce yet another ending, and with a twist comes this one! After all, Randall ‘s mother didn’t die. After William (Jermel Nakia) fled with Baby Randall, the paramedics managed to revive her, which set up Season 5 to focus on Adult Randall finding out his mom is still alive? Season 1 revolved around Randall finding his dad, so forgive me if all this sounds a little too easy (and familiar) if we forget.

Twists are part of the DNA of the series and part of what keeps fans watching regularly. But in addition to undermining the real work that comes before. This one feels like a true reach.

Without being too preachy, too saccharine, or too distanced from its central self. “This Is Us” found a real and constructive way to engage with COVID and police brutality. Other dramas attempting to bring similar topics to ongoing plots could be fortunate to produce an equivalent effect.

The easiest moments are the best also. “This Is Us” deserves plenty of praise for finding the moment in a drastically overloaded premiere, even though it can’t sit as long as it should.

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