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This Is Why Sam’s Club Checks Your Receipt Before You Leave


Every shopper at Sam’s Club has gone through this one thing once their shopping is done- the exit greeter’s greeting.

Every time you got all your stuff from the store, got your receipt and are now just waiting to leave, you know there is one more step to go through.

There is an exit greeter who is waiting to check your receipt to make sure you aren’t lifting some up. I’m sure you know what I mean.

And these exit greeters aren’t there only at Sam’s Club- they are at most of the stores and supermarkets. And we have all assumed that they are there to make sure that we aren’t stealing anything from the store.

Well, although we can’t say the same about all other stores, Sam’s Club has different reasons for this routine.

Let’s know about it!

You’re not a thief; they know this.

We are all sceptics on some level, and we have our reasons to be so. This ain’t a fair world after all. Maybe that’s why we always thought that an exit greeter is there- because of the universal scepticism over human greed.

But no. Not at all. At least that’s not the complete truth.

Senior manager of corporate communications at Sam’s Club, Laura Ladd Poff says that it’s the last chance to connect with the customers before they leave.

She says, “It’s an opportunity to ask them if they found everything they were looking for, and if they have everything they need…”

Hear it from the greeter of Sam’s Club…


Now I know it must seem like an attempt to look good in front of the customers and make sure they come back.

Trust me, on some other day; I might have felt the same way. But what if they are speaking the truth? Big day, huh? Get ready for the revelation because you are going to hear it from the greeter itself.

There was a Redditor, who once had a job as an exit greeter. The employee explains that greeters are not there for loss prevention since loss prevention is already in the store. They are there to make sure cashiers did their job correctly.

The ex-employee further explains, “We’re literally just trying to make sure our cashiers do the job right, and when we DO catch it, all the information gets stored. Who did it, what time, etc… and those cashiers get spoken to. This is not to benefit anyone but the member to improve the experience overall.”

And this actually has some benefits


Yes. Benefits.

Sometimes if you are purchasing gift cards, you might have to receive it from another counter. And yes, this doesn’t happen only in case of gift cards.

In fact, if there is any item at all that a customer might have to take from another counter, there are chances that they may forget this.

Exit greeters often remind the customers to make sure they got everything that they needed. So it’s not all bad now, is it?

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