This Stock Market Gives 1100% Profit. See How 1 Lakh Got Increased To 12 Lakh In 4 Years. Check it out now!
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This Stock Market Gives 1100% Profit, See How 1 Lakh Got Increased To 12 Lakh In 4 Years

This Stock Market Gives 1100% Profit, See How 1 Lakh Got Increased To 12 Lakh In 4 Years: Stock market is known. For wonders and miracle. Either you may lose everything you have invested or gain twice the money every year. Millions of people all over the world try their luck on the stock market. But have you ever found a stock market that gives 1100% profit? Check out everything you need to know about it.

Which Is The Company That Gives 1100% Profit

Stock markets are places when you invest your money and gain profit according. You may get 10% 20% to up to 100% profit throughout the years. But have you ever heard of a company that gives 1100% profit? Well, this company did.


The company is IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. This company gave over 1100% profit in 4 years. In multiple the money to over 12 times. And that’s insane how the funds got 12 times more in almost 4 years.

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The person initially invested around 1 lakh in Pharmaceutical Ltd in the stock market sector. He supported it four years ago, and today he received about 12 lakh back in his account, which is 12 times and 1100% profit.


Technical Analyst, Simi Bhaumik, told Zee Business Online how this worked. The company was trading ย Rs 15.15 on 3rd February 2014 per share. So spending 1 lakh would buy you over 6,600 claims in 2014. Through the years, the price of the stocks increased by either 10% 20% up to 50%.


Till 2019 the cost of 1 stock increased to almost 183. So eventually the profit turned out to be 12 times more than usual. Currently, the price of 1 stock is Rs 191. IOL is known to give the best profits. In over one year it converted cr 500 into cr 950. ย What do you think about it?

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