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Tidelands Season 2: Leaked Details, Release Date and Much More!

After many rumours of the Tidelands season 2 getting cancelled. Netflix has finally confirmed that the shoe will be restoring season two soon and will be possibly releasing this year. Check out everything you need to know.

The Final Season Of Tidelands

Tidelands is a very famous Australian hit. The first season if the show was released in 2018 with eight episodes after which for over two there no news of the release of seconds season came up. Until recently when the creators of the show confirmed the release of the second season.


The first season went globally and got immense love in 2018. After which fans couldn’t wait for the next season. Glitch and Pine Gap we’re even considered to be the best and the most prominent feature of the show.

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However, no official claims have come about the actual release date or the shoot resume of the show. But according to an inside report, we got to know that the crew member and the actors will soon resume the shoot with limited people and condition.


Tideland initially got famous for its storyline which is about an orphan bay. In the series, he was invaded by a tide lander by a social event. On average there were five deaths by the end of the first season.


Soon after the news if the release of the first season came up. Sam’s we’re crazy, and it seems like people can’t just wait for the seconds season to be released. No wonder the mysterious series caught the attention of millions of people. What do you think about it?

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