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TikTok Ban Blocked By The US Federal Judge! Trump Government Asked To Protect Their Decision

TikTok ban blocked by the US federal judge! Trump Government asked to protect their decision

TikTok Ban Blocked By The US Federal Judge! Trump Government Asked To Protect Their Decision: Google, as well as Apple, had got the executive orders to ban WeChat (which is owned by a Chinese conglomerate Tencent) and TikTok from the commerce department of the United States. It meant that people wouldn’t be able to download it from 27th September 2020 on the Play Store and App Store.

What Are The Orders Issued By The US Federal Government?

But wait! There’s a twist. Carl Nichols, the District Judge of the US, has asked the government to either postpone the ban on TikTok or be ready to defend itself during a court hearing. It got asked to file a response to the request made by TikTok.

The request consists of a preliminary injunction or delay of the order by 2:30 pm EDT on Friday. In California, a similar situation took place. A federal judge issued a preliminary injunction that blocked the ban of WeChat.

How Does China And TikTok Feel About The Ban?

A large number of people in the US express themselves on the online platform. TikTok feels that the ban is a violation of the First Amendment, which includes the freedom of speech. It also feels that the cause of restriction is the thought of bargain for the upcoming elections.

Also, it’s not at all the national security concern as claimed by the government. China believes that America is using its power to suppress some targetted foreign country in the name of national security.

The Final Stage Of Buying TikTok Stakes

TikTok Global is a brand new subsidiary by ByteDance. Influencers and brands can promote a variety of products along with showing their moves. When TikTok Global got created, Oracle and Walmart will be making their investment to buy a minor stake.

According to the reports, if all goes well, both the companies will be paying a whopping $20 billion. Oracle will buy 12.5% of stakes while Walmart will be getting 7.5% of the stakes.

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