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Tips for Creating Engaging Branded Video


Of late, many established corporates and budding start-ups alike have resorted to carrying out extensive video campaigns for achieving their marketing and advertising objectives. The reason behind this is quite simple. Recent statistics have been more than comprehensive in showcasing that audiences today interact and engage far better with content that is represented in visual and graphical format. With the world’s attention span continuing to dwindle, it is no surprise that people have gotten more inclined towards consuming content that gives them more information in less time.Β 


Acknowledging this dynamic change, leading brands and companies worldwide have increasingly devoted themselves to dishing out content that relies on the intelligent use of creative graphics with catchy captions and phrases. Businesses are now focusing on how to add logo in video campaigns in a manner that is smart enough to achieve effective brand positioning. Have a peek here. All of this has subsequently resulted in a spate of mediocre campaigns that more or less have a similar tone and narrative to them. As a result, this advertising style and marketing, that is still relatively fresh, is now running the risk of premature saturation. Originality and inventiveness are truly the need of the hour. And while there’s certainly no set formula for attaining creative success, there are always a set of good practices that hold supreme, irrespective of the circumstances. Hence, listed below are a few of these tips that can help firms and individuals create engaging and immersive branded videos.


  • The Power of Storytelling:

One thing that has resolutely managed to stand the test of time is the immortal art of storytelling. A good story always finds an audience. Thus, it is fair to assume that the charm of storytelling, coupled with the visual medium’s potency, will result in a pretty much unbeatable combination. Movies and advertisements that are deemed to be evergreen classics in our timeline are the ones that have seamlessly woven powerful stories into the medium of the camera.Β 


Often in a bid to be indulgent and highly expressive, brands end up spawning videos that are deep neck in exaggeration, and as a result, largely distasteful. Ad films can seem extremely challenging at the outset, for they push the creators to fit their story in a very brief time span of around a couple of minutes. Falling trap to the pressure that this situation invites, marketers start brainstorming hyper-realistic and bloated sequences, losing the plot in the process. At the core of every branded story, therefore, should be a narrative that has the capability of resonating soundly with its target audience. This can be achieved by maintaining moderation in the creative process to ensure that the branded video grabs enough eyeballs while avoiding looking crude in the process.


  • The Magic of Humor:

Infusing humor in narratives to boost its outreach and engagement has been a tried and tested approach for a long now. In everyday life’s din and monotony, a few moments of laughter and ease are what every individual looks forward to rather eagerly. Thus, ad campaigns that managed to bring a smile to their audiences’ faces have been observed to outperform their competitors significantly. Whether it is an act of caricature or a subtle contextual setting is irrelevant if the eventual execution of humor is carried out flawlessly.Β 

Many brands consider humor to be a risk because it doesn’t align traditionally with the formal corporate language. And while that does have an element of truth to it, the fact remains that more and more brands these days are falling back on humor to make themselves seem more accessible to their target audience. Though writing comedy into your branded video might appear to be a bit of a challenge, the dividends promise to be extremely rewarding should it be done right and tastefully.Β 


  • Know Your Audience:

Although this tip might seem deceptively simple, it ends up being the toughest one to follow. In a bid to outrank their competition, brands end up creating content, which, even though it is full of artistic merit, ends up being unrelatable to their target audience. At the outset, you must be fluent with the core vision of your company before you set about devising its advertising content. A more appealing video to a demographic of 40-45 years is no good for your brand, whose target demographic is, suppose, 15-20 years.Β 


Another mistake that brands commit along these lines is creating content by completely disregarding their audience’s devices. In our age of rapid digitalization and technology, the device that one uses to consume content has become significantly more important than the kind of content they consume. Suppose your audience is more smartphone and tablet-centric, and you end up creating brand videos that are exclusively broadcast on television and streamed on desktops. In that case, you stand to lose the endorsement of your customer. Hence, knowing your audience is vital before launching any marketing or advertising campaign.

Creating Engaging Branded Video


  • The Merit of Sound:

In our times, the most famous brands owe their widespread reach and popularity to their sound stamps, more than their visuals. A brand’s ability to make the sound or the melody of a certain tune synonymous with itself is perhaps the most effective form of branding out there. In the case of visual content, you need to see it once at least to relate it with the brand in question. However, in the case of sound stamps, the understanding is intuitive, and the end goal is achieved as effectively as in the case of visuals, without needing to employ any active sensory engagement as such. A video with a catchy jingle or a quirky melody engages its audience and viewers like none other.



With multiple novel ideas gracing the marketplace with every passing day, knowing how to add text in video or pulling off a couple of flashy transitions is insufficient to create an engaging branded video. Get More Info.Β  Abiding by the above tips not only gives you a basic framework to think around but also a suitable insight to help you avoid the obvious plot holes while you are at it.


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