Tips On Hiding An Air Conditioner With Interior

We can all agree to the fact that an air conditioner is not the most engaging thing we have at home, but it is important for comfort.

Having an air conditioner is essential, you probably do not want to exhibit it in the living room and especially if you are planning to spend time in the backyard. You should never completely cover or mask the unit, as it needs to breathe while it refreshes your home, but you sure can make it a little less visible.

So, here are some placement tips to hide your air conditioning section; these tricks are agreed upon by the best interior decorators and will make your room look ideal.

Pro Tips to Hide your Air Conditioning Unit:

Recess the unit into a wall or a false beam:
If you have the means of being able to make an accommodation to the architectural space (might not work for renters) try siting your mini-split in a recessed hole in a false beam or into a wall to reduce the distance it from the wall.

Hiding the air conditioning unit above a Window:
Especially in compact spaces with limited wall space, between the window the ceiling may only be the location for your ductless unit. Do keep in mind that the window is mostly the fragile point for energy loss, so you can get s good performance out of your air conditioner if you situate it away from the windows, where the cool air cannot escape easily.
Hiding it above a Doorway:
Another best spot, that is strenuous to use for convenient storage space, but could work as a place for our air conditioning unit, is at the top of the doorway. We can have a permit more of the wall space to be accessible for full-extent furniture.
Placing the unit over the Bed:
For the people who need cool air blowing over your body while you rest, contemplate positioning the unit aloft your headboard. If this is not what you prefer, seek the wall facing your bed so that your blanket will block you from any breeze.
Placing the air conditioning unit above an armoire:
Another hard-to-reach spot is above an armoire. This can have the slightest visual effect as recessing it into a false beam or wall.
Having the unit above a bookcase:
In this example, the unit should be placed upon an open shelf system. As we’ve seen in the window/door example, it helps in an attempt to match the measurement of the unit with what is below it. This will help as it appears as a single vertical element rather than a box hanging in the center of a plain wall.
Hiding the air conditioning unit inside an open bookcase or entertainment unit:
Try building the bookcase around the mini-split unit. The unit here has been combined into a built-in entertainment center, with TV below and an open shelf designed for the appliance.
Create a custom cover that is integrated with your furniture to hide the unit:
With a bit of traditional design, you can even add a cover to conceal it even more. The cope in this example has a wooden frame that permits the air to pass through.

Tips On Hiding An Air Conditioner With Interior
We have an idea for this: there can be a combination of dark and vertical pieces, and light and horizontal pieces. The dark vertical pieces can help to hide the air conditioning unit; whereas, the light horizontal slats go with the rest of the entertainment unit.
Painting the wall to match the air conditioning unit:
At times, something as simple as painting in order to match walls to the color of the air conditioning unit can make it less visible at first glance. It is not recommended to paint the air conditioning unit; instead, we can find a piece with a color that we like and paint the wall to match our unit.
Disguise it among other wall decorations:
One way of combining a wall-hung Air conditioner unit into a room’s scheme is to have personalized cabinet fitted around it, so it becomes a part of the design.
Open displaying shelves will distract you from the rectangular box, while an intimate cover with gaps that provide good ventilation will conceal the unit from view yet allow it to be controlled. The unit is barely noticeable, as it goes with the wall decor.
Rules to keep in mind before Hiding the Air Conditioning Unit with Style:
We cannot block the unit out by fully covering up, as it needs way to get rid of the exhaust gases and hot air.
Make sure that you have room for it to get serviced; stuff happens, if the unit is damaged and has to be repaired, it needs to be accessible.

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