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Tom Hanks Dives Into The Pool To Celebrate His 64th Birthday. Wife Rita Posts Loving Message For Husband Tom !

Tom Hanks and Rita
Source: Deccan Herald

Tom Hanks Celebrates His Birthday

Tom Hanks has ruled the box office for many years. He has made sure that he gives justice to his talent by acting in good movies and giving us memorable characters. He has forever been the benchmark as he stars in movies like Forrest Gump and many other movies. The actor is in no mood to stop even as he turned 64 on 9 July 2020. His birthday was a gentle reminder that the age is just a number for him. He took to Instagram to post a video of him jumping into the pool as a celebration for his birthday. He captioned it, saying, “This Greyhound is 64!! Hanx”.

Source: etonline

Wife Rita Wilson Wishes Tom Hanks On His Birthday

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks have one of the longest standing marriages in Hollywood. The couple has been together for the past 32 years. Even at this age, the two never fail to set a couple of goals for the young couples. As Tom turned 64, his wife Rita obviously couldn’t help but post something sweet for her husband. She took to Instagram to post a picture of Tom. However, the sweet and subtle caption left everyone smiling. The caption said, “Happy Birthday, @tomhanks. We love you so much. You are our anchor. Every day with you is a blessing. Give me your answer, fill in a form /Mine for evermore / Will you still need me, will you still feed me / When I’m sixty-four,” wrote Wilson, who added, “YES!”

Tom Hanks Celebrating His Birthday After Fighting Coronavirus Earlier This Year

Just when the threat of coronavirus was beginning to set in, Tom Hanks and his wife were among one of the first Hollywood stars to get the disease. The two were diagnosed with coronavirus in March when Tom was shooting for a film in Australia. To everyone’s relief, both of them recovered from the disease and have been in quarantine ever since then.

Tom Hanks and Rita
Source: Deccan Herald

Tom Hanks On His Fight With Coronavirus

Tom Hanks also made sure to give the world a sense of what its like fighting a pandemic disease. After recovering, he told everyone, “Our discomfort because of the virus was pretty much done in two weeks. We had very different reactions, and that was odd. My wife lost her sense of taste and smell; she had severe nausea; she had a much higher fever than I did. I just had crippling body aches, I was very fatigued all the time, and I couldn’t concentrate on anything for more than about 12 minutes. That last bit is kinda like my natural state anyway.”


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