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Top 10 Background Check Sites (with Criminal & Public Record)



Online platforms are offering background check services for free. Therefore, no one wants to depend on information centers and agencies anymore. In this article, we will discuss 10 such websites that will help you perform a criminal check or public record search online. 

A background check service helps you find the educational and criminal records of a person. That’s why most agencies prefer these services such as CocoFinder to get some quick access to public information online.

On the other hand, the people search tool is used to find the information of an individual using their full name. It is used when you need to know some public information about a person. Now, let’s discuss the top 10 platforms where you can get access to these services conveniently.


The first application on a list is CocoFinder. It is a platform that has a large database of public information. Additionally, it comes with a lot of tools that help you get this Public Information from the database. You can use its people search, background,  address look, email lookup, and reverse phone lookup tool.

We recommend you to check out its website and use the services yourself. Also,  you will find the background check feature on the homepage of this website. You can also use this platform to find someone with a phone number.

The user experience on this website is excellent and beginners won’t face any problem using this platform. The best thing is that anyone can use this platform even without registering for an account. It directly means that you won’t have to pay for its services. CocoFinder’s website is completely free and you can access all its tools with a single click. That is the reason why we put it at the first rank on this list.


ZabaSearch is a similar service provider where users perform background checks on anyone they want. The platform is quite popular among this community because they focus on the user’s experience while delivering the services. ZabaSearch’s website offers all the tools for free and does not charge its users to access these tools.

The platform is popular because it provides social media profile links in the background check reports. It means you get an additional way to find out more about that person. If you are looking for this feature specifically, you should go for this application.



Here is one of the most established platforms to get this information online. TruthFinder focuses on providing background checks and people search features. Thus, it is a perfect application for those looking for similar services. 

The best thing about the platform is its customer support. You get all your queries handled by professionals and find the easiest way to get information. If you face it challenging to use online platforms, we recommend you try out TruthFinder’s services.


Instant Checkmate


We have another solution popular for its speed and reliability. Instant Checkmate is one of the fastest online services to provide access to public information. You can find any type of information with its background check, address lookup, phone lookup, and people search feature. Additionally, the platform is equipped with a large database filled with reliable information.


Learn more about this solution by visiting its website.




Intelius is one of the most famous platforms to access public information of different kinds. People believe that Intelius was one of the first few applications to offer services to access this information online. The best thing about the platform is its easy user interface that offers services with a single search.


Another interesting thing about this platform is its reliable information from some of the most credible sources. You can find some public records directly from the police records of that state. Thus, you can not miss out on this platform to find this information. 




The name of this platform is enough to understand the services offered by them. The SpyDialer works with some advanced technology to help you find information about a phone number. However, you can also access the background check and people search services on the platform.


We only recommend it for some quick searches as it may not be the best option for regular use. 




TruePeopleSearch has its unique user base who loves to use its services. The main reason behind the popularity of this platform is the accuracy of data retrieved from this website. Although it does not have a large database, the accuracy of its data is still unmatchable. 


Unfortunately, the website is not recommended for in-depth searches due to the lack of public information. Therefore, it is better to keep an additional platform with this one. 




Spokeo is one of the latest people intelligence services that provide you the background details of an individual. The platform is designed to help you find out about the people you work with. It was launched as a platform to provide workplace safety to the employees.


The platform comes with four different services to find information of an email, address, person, or phone number. Thus, it is a perfect application for some quick information online.




Whitepages is the first application to provide the official Whitepage service to its users. It works as a conventional book to find the details of people around you. However, it works on a large scale and helps you get details of everyone living in the United States.


The platform is quite impressive and comes with a simple way to find information. However, you will need to register on this platform to use its services.




Here’s the last but not the least application of our list. CheckPeople is used to check the hidden identity of a person. It helps you perform a background check on someone to access their criminal records online. The platform is available for only personal searches and can not be used for hiring purposes.


Therefore, it is better to read the privacy policy before using its services.


Final Verdict


We have hundreds of public information platforms online. Each website offers better services than the other one. That is why we created this list to help you see through their services and understand why they are famous.  You can simply use the advanced services of these websites to perform a background check on someone. 


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15 Injured, 20 Saved In The Fire Outbreak In San Francisco’s Tenderloin



A life-threatening incident took place in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco on Saturday. reports have confirmed that 15 residents including one police officers have been critically injured in the situation. However, no deaths have been recorded yet. And several people have been saved from the Fire explosion. Videos of fuming and warning smoke from the fourth floor of the building have been surfing all over the internet. Check out everything you need to know about it.


One alarm fire erupted inside a six-story Tenderloin District apartment building. Reports confirmed that there were around 40 units in the apartment with over 60 people living in it. Given the calculation, it was a very dangerous situation where the fourth floor of the apartment caught fire. Several people could have died in the situation. However, fire officers saved several from the situation.

15 Injured In Fire Outbreak

Paul Hickman an officer who lives in the apartment confirmed that someone came to his door knocking. The person at the door was panicking and shouting fire! The situation terrified everyone all around. However not losing the cool he tried to do everything he possibly could. Soon after the fire officers were called. They confirmed that as soon as they reached the apartment they saw fuming smoke visibility coming out from the fourth floor.

Picture via google images

One of the officers David confirms that as soon as you open the door where the fire was caught he could see nothing but black ashes and burnt stuff. The situation was so was that he couldn’t even move outside the door and he had to come outside from the window.  David even mentioned that a variety of residents live in the area. With several elderly and bedridden people. And as soon as the smoke spread out people started panicking for help.


Even after a lot of tries over 15 people were critically injured in the situation. However, the officers confirmed that they have been taken to the hospitals and no deaths have been recorded yet. The best thing about it is that tons and tons of people were saved due to the officer’s heroic actions. Stay tuned with us for more details about your favorite TV show, celebrity, and US local news.

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15 Critically Injured After Life-Threatening Fire Outbreak In Tenderloin Apartments In San Francisco



The fire alarm that injured over 15 people in Sierra Madre Apartments in San Francisco’s Tenderloin has been confirmed. The incident took place on Saturday when A person knocked on a fire officer’s door who lives in the same building yelling fire. It was a very panicking situation where the fuming smoke spread like anything injuring several people. Check out everything you need to know about it.


The apartment has six floors of buildings where elderly people and animals resided. The fire broke out at 6:30 AM on Saturday. It left over 15 people critically injured. However, Paul’s hitman confirmed that the people were directly taken to the hospital and no deaths have been recorded yet. The best thing about the whole situation is that over 20 people were rescued and saved. Out of which there were several elderly people.

The Fire Outbreak

Videos and pictures of the fuming smoke coming out from the top floors went viral all over social media platforms. In the videos, we can see how terribly the fire was caught in the house. People could have even died but with the help of fire officers, they were saved. One officer was also injured while rescuing the residents. Several people appreciated his actions to save others while getting injured himself.

Picture via google images.

Reports confirmed that several people including the injured officer have incurred life-threatening injuries. However, doctors have confirmed that they will be fine after being bedridden for a while. The heroic actions of the fire officers have been appreciated by the residents and people all over the internet. This is not the first time a fire had been caught in a San Francisco is a resident. Several incidents like this take place every few days. And hence the officers have asked the people to be extra careful with gas and fire. Stay tuned with us for more details about your favorite TV show, celebrity, and US local news.

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Rapper Eve Celebrates 7th Wedding Anniversary With Millionaire Maximillion Cooper



Rapper Eve and her millionaire husband were caught celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary. The two were overwhelmed with love and affection as they posted pictures with each other on their social media profile. The proud husband uploaded a picture from their wedding celebration from back in 2014. Fans can’t stop adoring the beautiful couple. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Rapper Eve Found the love of her life in 2014. And that is when she got married to businessman and millionaire Maximillion Cooper. Their amazing relationship may have had quite a few ups and downs but they manage to hold on to each other. Their relationship is something everyone in Hollywood adores. Moreover, fans are rooting for this relationship to excel over yours as well.

The 7th Anniversary

Businessman and millionaire Cooper took to Instagram to upload a beautiful picture with the rapper. The picture was a throwback from their wedding. He captioned the picture claiming that it is a seven-year-old picture from the beautiful location where they got married. Soon after he uploaded the picture fans went crazy and the picture went viral all over social media. Fans started showering love in the comment section by wishing them congratulations.

Picture via Instagram


In the picture, the two are seen holding hands looking cute together. The rapper is seen wearing a white gown where is the businessman looks all chic in a formal suit. Most of all that to have beautiful smiles that define how happy they are to get married to each other. The pictures were taken in front of a white car. It is from the location where they got married. The picture went viral overall on social media platforms as fans congratulate them on their seventh wedding anniversary.


Last year they too celebrated their wedding anniversary indoors due to the pandemic. However, they didn’t fail to share beautiful pictures with the world showcasing their love for each other. And fans have nothing but sweet words for the couple. Many claim that the rapper has had tough motherhood but she has never failed in her relationship with the businessman. Stay tuned with us for more details about your favorite TV show and celebrity.

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