Toy Story 5: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot And More.

Toy Story has today completed its 25th anniversary. The first series of Toy Story was released on 22 November 1995. And today after 25 years it is still everyone’s favourite. Pixar made posters of the new version of Toy Story and the images have gone viral on the internet. Fans have loved it a lot. However, fans are very curious about when the next 5th season of it will hit the screen. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Toy Story was first released on 22 November 2025 by John Lasseter. And it was a big milestone for them as well as the animation series. Toy story is getting the immense fame and love ever since it’s the first release. And today it’s celebrating its 25th anniversary which is a great success in today world. Especially for an animation series. It was the first feature animation film after which we were introduced with the amazing iconic characters Buzz Lightyear,Β Woody, Bo Peep, and many others.

Toy Story

After the first-ever toy story was released in 1995, it received tons of love and appreciation from the viewers. After which a sequel of it was developed a few years later in 1999 β€˜Toy Story 2’. That’s when the journey took a great speed and started getting success. As the series started getting off more and more characters were introduced and fans just loved it. In the 2nd part we saw Jesse, Bullseye, Prospector, and WeezyΒ and many more.


After the 2nd part fans were earnestly waiting for the 3rd part to release. As this series touched many peoples heart and made a special place in it. The Toy Story took the viewers on a roller coaster ride of emotions. And that is why fans would mentally and emotionally connect with it so well. And after the release of the 2nd part, fans couldn’t help but to ask for the next season.

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However, the 3rd part took really long to release. It took over a decade for the studio to release the 3rd season, but however, it was worth all the time because after every season Toy Story would get better. It came up with a unique and emotional content to connect with the audience. And like that the success of Toy Story increased even more after the relase of the 3rd part of Toy Story.

Release Date

Talking about the 4th and the last part released until now. Toy Story 4 was released in 2019 and it was claimed to be the best season of Toy Story. And not just that it was even nominated for the oscars. In the best animated movies section. And without any doubt it even won Oscars for the 4th part. And it was a great time for this amazing show to get Oscars for the first time.


After the release of the Toy Story 4 fans can’t just wait for the next part and are expecting the release soon. However, as far as we know it takes pretty long for them to get this amazing movie out. And hence we can expect the fifth part by 2023. Until then viewers can watch the amazing trailer.


A year after the release of the 4th part of the movie, Pixar released the trailer of the 5th part and can’t wait for it to hit the screen. According to the reports, the 5th part will be released in 2023.

Stay tuned with more such details about your favourite show.

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