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Travis Scott Flirts With Kylie Jenner On Her Red Bikini Picture. What Is Happening Between The Two?

What is happening? Kylie Jenner recently uploaded a sexy picture in a red bikini and Travis Scott seems to be pretty impressed with it. Kylie and Travis broke up a year back after which nothing much was known about the two. Until Kylie uploaded a reunion picture and her and ex-boyfriend Travis Scott. But now it looks like the two are taking their relationship back on track. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Kylie Jenner’s sexy picture pictures have been a thing in 2020, especially during the whole quarantine situation. The 23-year old makeup freak had uploaded tons of bikini picture flexing her sexy body this year. And fans have loved it. And let me remind you guys that she is close to hitting 200 million followers on Instagram. She will be the first in her family to hit that milestone. Her fans aren’t surprised, since she very well manages to keep good engagement on her social media.

Travis’s Flirty Comment

She recently uploaded a Bikini picture, in which her ex-boyfriend Travis Scott commented in a very flirty way. Travis Scott commented β€˜Heyyyy’ with a bunch of emojis. And fans were quick to come on the conclusion that the two are back together. The comment of his was liked by over 20 thousand people in less than a day. And that has stunned and shocked the whole internet. What is the reason behind Scott getting flirt with ex-girlfriend all of a sudden?

Picture via Instagram

In the picture Kylie had worn a red bikini, the picture has taken from low behind angle. Which makes her look even sexier. Kylie flexes her sexy body and her beautiful curves. The 23-year-old had kept her hair open and makeup subtle. And she is looking amazing and sexy at the same time.


Soon after she uploaded the picture it froze the internet and the picture went viral. However, after Travis’s flirty comment fans were more shook then ever. It seems like the two are back together. But are taking it slow.

Travis Scott And Kylie Jenner

However, it isn’t the first this month that we saw the former couple together or linking to each other on the internet. Earlier this week Kylie Jenner uploaded a bunch of pictures of her and Travis Scott from an event. Where the two seemed pretty close. And we can’t deny the fact that we very looking very adorable together.


But what is tripping fans more is the fact that after the breakup Kylie was seen with several young supermodels and some rappers. To which fans thought Kylie is dating again. It has left fans confused. Kylie was seen hanging out with a supermodel Fai several times after breakup. He was seen in several parties and events with the Kardashians. And fans were quick to jump on a conclusion that Kylie is dating the supermodel.


However, fans are happy to see Kylie with her baby daddy back. And according to the reports, they are back together and are dating. What do you think about Travis flirty comment?


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