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Travis Scott: The Concert Inside Fortnite, Saw By 12.3 Million People Isn’t It Spectacular!

Travis Scott: The Concert Inside Fortnite

Nothing can match the excitement of attending a live concert. But through past years, Epic Games challenging it and giving the world a virtual Fortnite concert which is as marvellous as the real ones. And this year it broke all the records.

Last year Marshmello created a record in the annual concert Fortnite, which has 10.7 million virtual attendants worldwide. Currently, Travis Scott is on tour in Fortnite Island. And it was the first day of the trip where he broke all the previous streaming records. The concert gains around 12.3 million attendants, making it to the top. It’s like Epic is creating and breaking its own “epic” records.


For the 1st performance, Epic setting the stage from last weekend. The scene was constructed at the Sweaty Sands Beach in the Fortnite island. It was a black stage on the top of water decorated with many gold & inflatable head of Travis Scott.

The Show:

Travis Scott Show

The pre-show ritual was Blodbath where players kill each other killing the time. And then in a circular screen, a planet-like object floated in, and the concert began. Multiple tracks played in the show. And also looks changed according to the records such as a fiery look, a cyborg, and finally to Tron. At the climax, a giant spaceman came in, and all the players submerged underwater with it.

The show lasted around 15 minutes. Travis’s performance was better than anything. With the best visuals and power-pact performance, the experience is the best. In the meantime, throughout the concert, the game’s UI was blocked. And players can enjoy the concert headbanging with a fiery microphone stand and not able to do silly things.

If you haven’t caught the last show, don’t worry about it. There are another four shows left on tour. Don’t miss the next one. Don’t miss any of them. You don’t want to miss feeling fly around plant effects, Right!!

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