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Trump And Biden Released New Ads Ahead Of The US Presidential Election!

Biden vs Trump
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Trump And Biden Released New Ads Ahead Of The US Presidential Election

Biden vs Trump

Trump And Biden Released New Ads Ahead Of The US Presidential Election!: It’s hardly two months left before the US presidential election.Β Both Trump and Biden had launched their new ads for the election campaign.

Donald Trump ad depicts that the hard days of this pandemic are gone. It pays attention to employment schemes and COVID vaccine progress. However, the US got hit by COVID-19. Around 11.5 million people lost their jobs because of the lockdown. Further decisions like reopening of the schools have further hampered the situation.

Bid ads focus on eradicating social tension and challenging the authorities of Social Security funding.

Prez Trump Talks About The Payroll Taxes

One of Biden’s ads claims that “proposing to eliminate a tax that pays for almost half [of] Social Security without any way of making up for that lost revenue.” In this Bid is referring to Trump’s comment on the payroll tax. Well, in a sense, Trump has indicated the end of the payroll tax.

However, his comments were a bit confusing. Trump believes that economic growth will compensate for the elimination of the tax. At this moment, it is dubious. Further, this decision lies in the hands of Congress. White House has also spoken on behalf of Trump. It says that payroll tax wouldn’t eliminate. The authorities will forgive Deferred taxes.

Many business people were against Trump’s belief. They argued that rejecting payroll taxes can make workers pay even more than before.

Prez Trump Attacks Biden

The US is trying to make vaccine availability as soon as possible. Tackling unemployment is also in progress. Trump directly attacked Biden in one of his ads by saying Β “but Joe Biden wants to change that.” A video clip of Biden saying “I would shut it down” is displayed. “Why would we ever let Biden kill countless American businesses, jobs and our economic future?”

Now, this particular ad doesn’t contain facts. Biden for sure wasn’t imposing the idea of nationwide lockdown. He was answering a hypothetical question. Anyways, a president cannot order a complete shutdown of the whole country. His powers are limited in this.

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