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Trump Denies Rumours Of Shutting Down Star & Stripes The Military Newspaper!

Trump talka about Star and Stripes newspaper
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Donald’s Trump decision on Stripes The Military Newspaper

Trump Denies Rumours Of Shutting Down Star & Stripes, Military Newspaper!:Β Donald Trump, the US president announced on Friday that his authority would not shut down Stars and Stripes military newspaper. However, many people feel that he is doing this for political benefits. Trump is standing for reelection scheduled in November. Earlier, it was decided by Pentagon at the beginning of the year 2020.

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Donald Trump, the Us President, has decided not to shut down Stripes military paper. Earlier, it was announced by Pentagon that it would stop funding the report.

Trump tweet reads:

“The United States of America will NOT be cutting funding to @starsandstripes magazine under my watch.”

He further added that it would still be a great source of information for their Military. Pentagon decided to stop military newspaper funding in February 2020.

The paper’s publication was supposed to stop at the end of September. Consequently, this week saw many Democratic supporters and lawmakers contacting Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

There was a request for overlooking the decision. DSME job is to provide online news to the US military. Esper, who is against Trump, also supported the Pentagon decision.

A Political Move?

The upcoming Presidential elections are forthcoming, and some believe that this is a political move for Trump to get the maximum of votes. However, Trump decision has changed everything. Star and Stripes is an independent newspaper. However, they receive their funds from the Defense Apartment.

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So, as of now, it’s still not clear whether they took this decision for their selfishness. Authorities criticised Trump’s administration for not taking a stand earlier. As the elections are approaching fast, many feel that it could be a well planned political move.

He is doing this to gain more influence and support from others. However, his supporters aren’t convinced by this. Trump has faced many allegations for manipulating and harassing people. People have debated over it for a long time. Americans separate themselves into two groups: one that despises Trump and the other that believes in Trump’s administration. What do you think about it?

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