Trump Is in Trouble Again? Trump Confirms Ban Of Chinese App Tik Tok! Check it out now.
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Trump Is In Trouble Again? Trump Confirms Ban Of Chinese App Tik Tok!

Trump Is In Trouble Again? Trump Confirms Ban Of Chinese App Tik Tok!: Trump is ready to face yet another loss not just as a president of America but might also face a significant loss during elections. Check out everything you need to know about the ban on Chinese app Tik Tok.

Trump Bans Tik Tok?

After the trigging cold war-like problems between China and the USA, Trump decided to ban the famous Chinese apps of China, including WeChat and Tik Tok. For those of you who don’t know it. The parent company of Tik Tok is ByteDance which is a significant contributor to the Chinese economy.


It looks like Trump banned the app at the wrong time for all the wrong reasons. Since 60% of the American teenager use Tik Tok and earn from it. Tik Tok was not just a source of entertainment to many but also a mean of income which many people lost.


Trump confirms the ban on the app while claiming that it triggered the national security of the country and shouldn’t get used under Chinese control. However, Trump asked china to sell the company to American officials which in a way will benefit both the countries. But China did not do that.

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China, on the other hand, put certain sanctions on the USA. It not only created problems for US companies in China but also changed the trading rules without showing the exact changes that got done. America is in big trouble now because of Trump.


Exactly six weeks before elections Trump not only banned the most lived app by the American teenager but also put America in all kinds of big trouble for trade and whatnot. In 2020, Trump has taken several preliminary decision that might hinder him from winning the elections. What do you think about Trump banning the app?

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