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Trump Is Saying Black Life Matters! Kenosha Overruled

Trump Is Saying Black Life Matters! Kenosha Overruled

People have just now suffered, despite giving them time to heal, Trump visits Kenosha to support law enforcement. While it is already blamed that Trump has rarely shown concern over the death of more than 180,00Β  people, his recent visit to Kenosha is disappointing.

Purpose ofΒ  visit

The president did not visit Blake, who was paralyzed waist down, after getting shot seven times on his back by a white police officer. He was shot on Aug 23. But he had a plan to meet his mother’s pastor. Instead, he visited a burned-out furniture store that was destroyed in the upheaval. Also praised national guard troops who were called at the time to control the situation

He also promised to rebuild Kenosha and provide more federal funding to the stateΒ  Wisconsin which he won during the 2016 elections and badly needs their support to win in re-election on Nov 3. He pledged to provide $1 million in federal support to Kenosha law enforcement.

Trump Was advised not to visit

Trump Is Saying Black Life Matters! Kenosha Overruled

The state’s Democratic governor and the city’s Democratic mayor advised Trump to avoid his visit to Kenosha. As this could prevent inflaming tensions and allow the citizens to heal. Not listening to their advice Trump visited to show his support for law enforcement. He also felt bad for those business people whose stores were destroyed

Kenosha becomes the target

Trump Is Saying Black Life Matters! Kenosha Overruled

Kenosha has become one of the major cities. Anti-racists demonstrators and trump supporters often clash there. A 17-year-old Trump supporter was charged with killing two people. He has also wounded another with an automatic rifle. But Trump defended him.

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Trump’s visit has increased expectations of Biden’s visit. Sources also confirm that he will soon visit Kenosha. He is leading in polls there but has not disclosed the details.


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