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Trump: North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Reveals His Executed Uncle’s Jang Body

Trump: North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un reveals His Executed Uncle's Jang Body
Source: NBC News

Trump: Kim Executed His Uncle And Aunt

Trump: North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Reveals His Executed Uncle’s Jang Body: Donald Trump revealed that North Korean leader Kim’s uncle executed body got displayed to senior North Korean officials.

The deceased person is Jang Song-thaek. He got charged for treason and corruption in 2017.

Kim “tells me everything. Told me everything,” said Trump.

He further said that he killed his uncle and aunt, and their bodies were put right in the steps with chopped off heads.

However, the North hasn’t claimed how Jang got killed until now. However, various reports believed that anti-aircraft gun got used as a weapon for his execution. Trump also mentioned that he and Kim share a great bond.

Negotiations Between South Korea And The US Are Still Stuck

The US president was determined to remove all the complete denuclearisation. “It was an honour to cross into your country,” Trump wrote this in a letter referring to Kim. It was two days after the encounter.

There has to be a DMZ meeting to rejuvenate the talks, but it never came into action as South Korea and the US have their military exercises. Kim was upset and wrote:

“I am clearly offended and I do not want to hide this feeling from you. I am really, very offended.”

Still, the negotiations between Pyongyang and Washington do not see the day of light.

Kim Flatters Trump

He insisted Kim that he should unload his nuclear burden and have a deal with him. The book “Rage” which got scheduled to launch next week also reveals the letters exchange between them.

For instance, it has 25 letters of Trump and Kim. It further depicts that Kim left no opportunity to flatter Trump. The book is by the author and American journalist Bob Woodward.

However, Trump continues that he has a perfect relationship with Kim. “He likes me. I like him. We get along,” said the US president.

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