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Trump Was Rushed To A White House Bunker On Friday Night!

Trump: The White Supremacist

Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America currently. He was elected as the 46th President after eight long years of Barack Obama being on this position.

I don’t think that people have to ever face a major amount of problems regarding their skin color during his time period. However, Donald Trump is known to be an extreme white supremacist and does not like people of color at all.

He hates people of color and different cultures so much that he even tried building a wall Around The Border of Mexico. However, this wall problem is very historical, and the current situation is worse.

Trump has been supporting all the wrong kinds of ideologies, and it is always visible to most of the sensible people.

Protest Outside White House
Protest Outside White House

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George Floyd Incident

In America, The Police brutality problem has been continuing since forever. There are always reports every day of the police killing of people who are black and brown. The problem with their ideologies that the white thing that anybody who is not white is a criminal.

George Floyd was murdered last Friday just because a woman thought he was giving her a faulty check. The lady immediately calls the cops on him because George wanted the lady to hold her dog.

This lady was a white supremacist. The police arrived, and they killed George Floyd while he kept screaming that he couldn’t breathe.

George Floyd Protests
Source: CNN

The Riots And Protests

Numerous riots broke out all over America since that day because they wanted justice for Floyd. George was a very nice man, and he did not deserve to be killed, and this is totally a sign of police brutality.

Trump was doing nothing to take control of these faulty Cops present in the country, and therefore the people wear very angry. This is the reason why this started protesting the White house and burning the area around. F

Trump was immediately rushed to the bunker, and I think this is the first time that a President had to take shelter. Trump should be ashamed.

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