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Trump Withdraws 9,500 Troops From Germany!

Its been a year of several ups and downs for US President Donald Trump.Β The American president has been battling multiple issues followed by severe criticism at all fronts. With the Presidential Elections in the offing, the POTUS is doing everything possible to ensure a second consecutive term.

Trump Orders Withdrawal Of 9,500 US Troops From Germany
Source: The Verge

The world has been brought to its feet by the outbreak of the coronavirus. In addition to the pandemic, America is also facing several issues. Its been a series of violent, angry, and disturbing nights across the cities in the US. The USA is marred by protests against the death ofΒ George Floyd.

9,500 US Troops Set To Leave Germany

Trump Withdraws Troops From Germany
9,500 US Troops Set To Leave Germany
Source: Voice Of America

President Trump has reportedly ordered the Pentagon to cut the number of US troops in Germany. The US will cut its troop presence in Germany by more than 25% as stated by US officials on Friday (5/6/2020). With this decision, the Trump administration wishes to send a frosty message to itsΒ NATOΒ ally. Therefore, the US shrinks a military footprint presented by theΒ Kremlin.

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According to theΒ Wall Street Journal, around 25,000 troops will remain in Germany. As a result, 9,500 troops will be reduced from current levels. Since the end of World War II, America has stationed its troops in Germany.

Germany Uninformed About The Decision

Surprisingly, German officials were left in the blind when this was made. The move is in keeping with Trump’s “America First”Β vision of limited US deployment overseas. According to German lawmakerΒ Andreas Nick,Β there was no official information communicated to the German Government.

Trump Withdraws Troops From Germany
German Government Was Not Informed About The Decision
Source: PBS

Furthermore, The Pentagon has also differed press inquiries to the White House, which pinpoints to the fact that this is more of a political decision. And this wasn’t a decision that built up based on military expertise. Nick also added that the overwhelming presence of US troops is NOT related to the territorial defence of Germany. However, it is an exercising headquarter function for establishing a broader presence in Europe and Africa.

Implications Of This Move

America almost has its military troops in every major continent on the planet. Therefore, this move not only potentially reduces US capability in the German region but also globally. Andreas Nick said that it is difficult to assess the consequences currently but assured that the move would impact the US one way or the other.


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